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                     33 Hertz and Sex
( Absolute 33 - MORE Confirmations of 33 - Gematria, Hertz, Geometery )

Sex and 33 hertz are intimately connected as sex researchers found out in Daytona Beach
using 50 female volunteers......

Women can have spontaneous orgasms from bottom-heavy music. Or so say DJs in
the drum-and-bass scene, who drew our attention to a certain Project Q. Supposedly con-
ducted in Daytona Beach in the mid-Nineties, Project Q was a series of tests to determine
if a specific audio frequency could cause orgasms in women. A self-consciously shadowy character from within the Florida bass
scene -- who offered to send reams of data -- says that 50 women were subjected to bass frequencies ranging from five hertz to 50
Hz. According to him, "33 Hz provided sensations in the test subjects that were off the charts." (There's even a band named 33 Hz.
Its EP, aptly enough, is called All the Hoes.) Malcolm Crocker, professor at Auburn University and editor-in-chief of both The
Encyclopedia of Acoustics (John Wiley) and the International Sound and Vibration Digest is intrigued by the idea. "The human
body is like any system -- it has natural frequencies. Your body is going to vibrate when there a lot of intense sound waves. If the
note -- jet noise or a loudspeaker -- is at the same frequency as the natural frequency of part of the body, then there can be a lot of
vibration. That's what we call resonance. We know 10 cycles or oscillations per second, which is a pretty low frequency, is the
frequency of some of the organs of the body. So anything like that sounds possible, yes. The only way you could find out would
be to do experiments on volunteers. Sounds strange and sort of interesting."

"Playboy after hours," Playboy, Jan 2001, pp. 33-34..

The QC factor? "The QC factor," asserts Billy E. In the mid-1990s, audio installers at spring break in Daytona Beach conducted
informal tests inside a Honda Accord boom-car. The goal was to determine if a frequency existed that would send a woman inside a
bass vehicle into spontaneous orgasm. After testing more than 50 female volunteers, the QC Factor was found to be precisely 33
Hz."  (End of Excerpt)

This being exactly what I postulated in the 33 levels to Climax via the 33 bones of our spinal cord. SEE
33 Levels. This is why sex
is so powerful and why it is said to coil up from our generative organs to our brain and beyond. It can literally help us communicate
to the Eternal. SEE
Light Speed at Bliss  

And amazingly it is EXACTLY 33 hertz where the generative organs or clitorus of these female volunteers stated that they received
the maximum stimuation, as their sexual core vibtrated to that exact resonant frequency...... and not to some fraction or decimal
added to 33 hertz. (SEE  
Absolute 33) And seeing this 33 hertz sexual power can literally spring up from the Earth exactly from the
Earth's Resonant Frequency of 7.83 hertz it becomes understandable. SEE Article and graphics at Earth Resonance and 33 Hertz.

33 Hertz and its numeral 33 are more than just a random frequency and a random number as 33 is the resonant frequency of quartz
crystal. This being just one of the reasons why it is called the 'Christ Consciousness' Frequency. It is the frequencyt of the Lord
and sex . For within His Crystal Pyramid, called
New Jerusalem we shall be living in LOVE.... and having sex....as the Bride with
the Bridegroom.

Everything fits together perfedtly and exactly in His Kingdom just as male and female fit together via HIS DESIGN. (SEE
Mysteries ) So do try having sex at 33 hertz via a tone generator OR without one or without music generating a base of 33 or its
harmonics, just think about HIM, and reach heights with HIM...JESUS.

All the best in your love making ...

David and Trixie

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