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Light Speed at Bliss
Magic Ratio's
Phi, Speed of Light, 33, Connection
Basic Flight Plans
           Advanced Flight                                                 E=MC2        
Flesh Spirit Equation
LIX Number ... 33
Absolute 33
Teleporting Secret
And to the woman was given
two wings of a great eagle that
she might  ...FLY    (Rev 12:14)
Latitude Calculations
  for New Jerusalem
Giza-London-NewJerusalem-Phi  Geographics
Earth & Bible Numerics
Alpha-numeric A.C. 666 not 6-6-6
Music Frequency
Light Speed Proves God's Design
T.O.E. Equations Prove Creation
Hand of God wrote Fine Structure Constant     37
27, 28, 29 Steps to Flight
Gateway - 111 Hertz    37 x 3 = 111
Pentagrammaton and 444
JESUS, 888, and 111
Fergerbaum Constant and 3168
Squared Cirlce &  3168                                            Sacred Mile, Sacred Measure
           Jesus and 3168                                              Acre and Sacred Time
Platonic Solid Numbers & Heaven                                 Divine Distances          
Sacred Geomtery and Music                                     Sacred Time Travel
Harmony & the Chord of Triumph                          Vitrium Man in Holy of Holies                       
Sacred Geometry
Magic Square of the Sun
More Confirmations of 33
Magic Number  11
Gematria, Jesus and 11
Gematria of our Two Prophets
Searles Anti-Gravity Vehicle
        Magic Squares Levitation - Free Energy
                 Chess, Knight's Tour and Sacred Cube
11 and Phi Expansions
792 - Creation Number
216, 432 Moon Time
TO : PHI and CRYSTAL Geometry  Board
Great Pyramid Prophecy Mathematics

Michael's Mathematical Timeline
432 Harmony of the Earth Series
Leviatation and Magic Squares
Human Leviatation
Pyramid Leviatation Magic Square
Mathematical Proof Human Body is by Design
Mathematical Proof Solar System is by Design
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                 TOPIX DEBATE   
Energy equals  mc2                                                                
God = Jesus = Creator > Science + Laws + Creation          
Souls have weight .. 21 grams Experiment                          
Feyman states God wrote the Fine Structure Constant       
T.O.E. and Unified Field Theory Mathematically              
Impossibility of a Perpetual Motion Machine