MORE 33 Confirmations
                          (Gematria, Math, Sound Hertz, Sacred Geometry)

As further confirmation of Absolute 33 and the connection between the spiritual  and physical world,  let me write down a
few more  possibilities or proofs of the importance of 33. Because as can be found out the Frequency inside a phi pyramid
is 33 hertz.  which is why it is called the Christ consciousness. (SEE
Hertz Correspondance Page) as the Lord 's template
is Phi and His Eternal Home is a Phi Pyramid (SEE
New Jerusalem) And if we go from there, we can note that in English
Gematria, the mathematical correspondence of added numbers from the letters of a word where A=1, B=2 ... Z=26, we
find that GATE= 33 and as we have already found out the phi pyramid is a Gateway to the Stars (SEE
Phi Projection), and
even PHI itself has a value of  33. As well as  SEED=33  MAGIC=33  LAMBDA=33  ISAAC=33  So be it AMEN=33.

And 33 is a product of 3 times 11, where 11 is the magical number, the unseen number that is so prominent among the
Lord's numerical system,  between 1 and the gateway hertz of 111. - ONE CHRIST =111 (And if you add these integers, it
yields 1+1+1=3) 3 represents the Trinity and equality as the father and Son and Holy Ghost are all powerful and Equal.  
Whereas with magical 11 as a factor 7 times, it gives  CHRIST = 77  POWER = 77  GLORY=77

But if you have no faith in Gematria and its correspondences, this might not mean much to you, so let's consider magic
squares which are used in science, as  a mathematical form of balance and symmetry, and more specifically the
Square of the SUN (Son)

01 - 35 - 34 - 03 - 32 - 06      = 111
30 - 08 - 28 - 27 - 11 - 07      = 111
24 - 23 - 15 - 16 --14 - 19      = 111
13 - 17 - 21 - 22 - 20 - 18      = 111
12 - 26 - 09 - 10 - 29 - 25      = 111
31 - 02 - 04 - 33 - 05 - 36      = 111

         For notice how each row or column adds up to 111 (11x10)
         This making 6 rows or 6 columns adding up to 666
         And surrounding the center as diagonals are matching pairs of
                   numbers that add up to 37, the
Fine Structure Constant
And 37 times 2 = 74 times  And 37 times 3 and we're back to 111.  And 111 is a factor of 444 (SEE
Pentagramaton and 444)
and 888 (SEE
Jesus, 888, & 111). But what does this have to do with the real world, you might be saying. Well, let's also
check out the Schumann Frequency or basic resonance of the Earth . From   "The Schumann Resonances are actually observed by
experiment to occur at several frequencies between 6 and 50 cycles per second; specifically 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45
Hertz" So that 33 hertz  is an overtone of even the 7.83
Schumann Earth Resonant Frequency.  And it seems that even
our '
Phi proportioned Bodies', translate and accelerate this basic frequency up our 33 vertebrate to 111 hertz. (SEE 33
Levels to Ecstasy)

Still have doubts, well take out your ruler or straight edge and follow the graphs at
SEE . For coming down to the baseline, the brain EKG
mysteriously and amazingly intersects at 33 hertz and 9 hertz (9 being the triple trinity).

37 times 9 = 333 And in Greek, an alpha numeric language, the Gematria of  - Hope - Title of Christ - A Dwelling -  is,
you guessed it ......  333, which stemmed from 37 which is the FSC between the visable and invisable worlds and as Lui
DiMartino says ...

Yes that number 37 is a number that follows me about now that I am  acquainted with it! I found it in a sacred geometry
book, which talked about the Metacube of God, and how the early Greek language was built on this, so as to allow the
Christain church a way of communicating hidden messages etc. The 37 is the visible part of the metacube. The inner
"chamber" is 27, and together the grand cube is 64. If you know how to get the overtone series together you can use the
frequency generator to do the same experiment I did on this number 37. Treat it as the fundamental, the note D. Then
the succeeding 37's that are added on top are the overtones of this D note at 37 cycles per second. You will see that one
produces all the overtones for the note D. You may then like to do the same thing with the numbers 27 and 64. You will
get a triplet flow of overtones, one on the note D (37), one on the note A (27) and one on the note C (64). This is one of
nature's lovely subtle clues. One has the note  C, the beginner of things, the D which is the female aspect that kinda gets
pregnant with sharps (expansion) and flats (contraction), and the note  A which is at the relative Minor position to the
note C. Yet wherever C is there is also F#. F# produces everything the C does, but wins out through perfect symmetry,
due to the position at the tri-tone which it occupies. ......  Lui

Does this sound mysterious, well consider that F sharp is the frequency within the  Kings Chamber of Giza as recorded
by scientists, and F sharp is at 370 hertz. So no wonder the Egyptians having learned the Lords  secrets honored F sharp
F sharp Levitation & F sharp Key to Kings Chamber).

And because of this reasoning and others (to come) I think that the '
27-28-29 steps up the Grand Gallery' to the stars,
means each step is a difference of 4 hertz, making it a vibrational step up from 108 to 112, a whole new level just beyond
the gateway of 111 hertz. WE just have to start with our own voices at 108 hertz directed to the Lord of Lords and let it
spiral up to the heavens, as according to gematria,
PHI SPIRAL = 108. And 108 is a multiple of 36, and two of them make
the great NUMBER 72, which composes half of 144, and is a factor of the Moons Diameter of 1080 miles as well as the
Sun's. Aren't the
Lord's Numbers .....Amazing

So combined with  all these other confirmations, I think there is something to the Lord's integrated Mathematics which
shows DESIGN and confirmation of 33.

In My Opinion
David Jay Jordan  (2005)

In 2007, I found more confirmations of
33 Hertz and Sex



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