432 and the Key of the Star of David    1
Star of David - Hexagon
432 and the Key                                  2
Distance Co-relations and 432
432 and the Key                                  3
New Jerusalem, Giza, and Moon
432 and the Key                                  4
Circle Geometry and Time 216
432 and the Key                                  5
Speed of Light and 432
432 and the Key                                  6
Prophetic Time and Distances
432 and the Key                                  7
Geometry to Sound
432 and the Key                                  8
Music and 432 &  F#    
Magic Ratios
Who made the Distances
Yahweh's Numbers
Music of the Spheres
Sacred Mile, Sacred Measure
Acre, Furlong and Sacred Time
Squared Circle and 3168
Jesus and 3168
Moon, Time, and 216, & 432
Seconds in Moon Time
792 Number
Tabernacle of the Sun/Son
Sacred Geometery
Music and Sacred Geometry
Music Frequency Page
27,28, 29 Steps
F sharp Stone Leviatation
F sharp in Giza
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Sacred Measure, Divine Time
Sacred geometry is the architectural
templates of our Creator's Universe
Harmony Frequency of the Earth
Earth's Frequency
Earth's Resonance and 33
Earth Moon Phi Correspondance
As all distances, diameters, speeds,
times and vibrations are designed to
harmonize together as ONE.
Jesus is the Creator
Creation not Evolution
Evolution is a Lie
Template of Life - Golden Section - Phi
David Jay Jordan's
Geometry of Healing
Sexy Star of David
Absolute 33
More confirmations of 33
3 Spirals to 33
33 levels to Ecstacy
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Vitruvian Man Mystery Solved
Squaring the Circle
Vitrivian Man in Squared Circle