Levitation, Magic Squares and  Pyramids
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Human Levitation
Pyramid - Human Levitation
Magic Square Levitation of Pyramids
Levitation using Magic Squares
Exact Frequencies of Levitation F sharp
370-111-33 Correlations to Levitation
33 Hertz     Earth Resonance to 111
33 Confirmations and Gematria of 111

37 to F sharp
Sonic Stone Levitation
F sharp in King's Chamber - 370 hertz
WHY F Sharp in ARK & Sarcophagus
11- 37 - 111 Magnification
432 Harmony of the Earth Series
Earth Resonance   7.83
Earth Resonance to 33
Phi Magnifications 11 - 33 - 111
3 Spirals to Capstone - 33
33 Levels of Bliss
Climbing Jacobs Ladder
 Levitation at Center of Mass
Phi F sharp Spiraling of Giza  7.83 to 111
Cydonia Altar
Secret of Teleportation
Time Traveling
The Hills shall sing
Vibrating Vowels of YHWH
Walking on Water
When we shall do exploits
Levitation and Magic Squares
Levitation Numbers
Magic Square of the Sun
Levitation using Magic Square of SUN.
Alignment of Pyramid Ridges Levitation
Teleportation using Magic Squares
Teleporting Secret
New Jerusalem is a Crystal Pyramid
Capstone, Giza Plateau, and 1/56th
Giza is Center of Continents
Phi Graphics of Pyramids
Giza Sacrophage and Ark of the Covenant
Architecture of the Universe
Other Levitation Concepts
Magic Ratios of Giza and the Earth
Phi-Pyramid Projection of the Stars
Sphinx, Cerebiums and the Stars
Searles Flying Disk
Levitation using Magic Squares
Searle Graphics
Free Energy
Reich's Orgone - 'Holy Ghost' Energy
Every number is a space frame (more precise a filled space frame)
The whole square added is the total space required
Line value is a time frame (that is why the line values have to
be the same, look at the law, different spaces, same time)   
the kernel cell must be conserved, this works this way;
All  space frames aiming at the center must be the same, for otherwise
you get an imbalance. It needs to be in equilibrium, space wise.
The kernel cell tells one where the force is pointing to, that works this way;
an imbalance of a space frame is not in  equilibrium, and will try to get
there.  This tells one if there is a VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL force.
Great Pyramid of the Lord
Law of Squares   - by Searle
Levitation can be done by using the Earth's
power because of the design of the Lord.
For the Great Pyramid and other stone
structures around the world were not
built by the arm of the flesh but by
the power  of the Lord.t


Obviously the great stones of Giza, were not put in place by the arm of the flesh, but
by levitation and the Lord's energy.....but how were they cut from quarries... by hand
OR more probably by the
Lord's TOOL  ....... The SHAMIR
All things are possible to us that
believe in the Lord, for then, there is
nothing impossible for us to do....
Gert's Magic Square Graphics