King David
King David of Old

King David's Adultery
King David Dance
King David was a Christian
......................    TO    ......................                     Latter Days King David
Revelation 11: 3, 14
Zechariah 4: 14  6:12,14
Jeremiah 33, 20,21, 16
Hosea 3: 4,5
Ezekiel 37: 21-34
Jeremiah 23: 3-6
      Christianity Continuum from Genesis

Jesus was not 'That Prophet'
Jesus was not a 'Servant' Ezekiel 34
Jesus is God
Jesus is the Creator

Jesus was not the 'Son of David'
End Time King David
Characteristics of King David
King David Coronation
There will be Two Prophet 'Witnesses'
Fire-Breathing Prophets
Lion of the Tribe of Judah
Numbers of our Prophets
Ruddy Manly End Time David
Sure Mercies of King David
High Priest Eloiakim
Timeline of Prophets
Timeline of Tribulation
Zechariah 10, Nail of Prophets
Women Prophetesses of the End          
Who will you follow
When do we do exploits
Jachin and Boaz Pillars
2 Prophetic Pillars, Chartres
Boaz and Jachin,Male and Female
Standing Stones
Rod of Moses
Rod of David, Root of Jesse
Shepherd's Rod Entrance Test    
Lord's Encampment
James, step brother of Jesus is our Lineage
Our Heritage is Christian not Jewish
Adam's 1st Prophecy @ 'Son of Man'
Bridging us back to 'Genesis Forefathers'
Malachi Direct Lineage Old to New Testament
Moses and King David were Christians
All Israel shall not be saved
Two Witnesses
We are the Ultimate Fulfillment
We shall Fight and Die
David Jay Jordan