Human Levitation
Pyramid - Human Levitation
Magic Square Levitation of Pyramids
Levitation using Magic Squares
Exact Frequencies of Levitation F sharp
370-111-33 Correlations to Levitation
33 Hertz     Earth Resonance to 111
33 Confirmations and Gematria of 111
Sonic Stone Levitation
F sharp in King's Chamber - 370 hertz
11- 37 - 111 Magnification
432 Harmony of the Earth Series
Levitation Power

. By adding up the passageways in inches to the King's Chamber, we can determine the Year starting the
Last SEVEN YEARS of Daniel. ...... confirmed by the entry of Regulus (Leo) into the Virgin via the SIGN
in His Stars  ... Until the End and the Second Coming of the Lord 3 1/2 years later, in 2024.  (SEE
Messianic Story written in the Stars) (SEE all other Prophetic Time Lines )

Summary of Pyramid Prophecy

Enoch Designed the Great Pyramid
1 - Entranceway to Pit
1a- Christos Angle
2-  Flood Until Christ
3 - Christ Triangle
4 - Christ to Great Step
5 - Altar Stone Step to King's Chamber
Additional 21Years to 2018
Compare Jacob's Trouble

Co-Relation with Biblical Timelines

Prophecy Timelines
Timeline to Messiah
Daniel Timeline
Revelation Timeline
Timeline of the End

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Spiral Pathway to Sacrifical Altar
    The Great Pyramid at Giza was created by the Lord via Enoch to be a prophetic marker  through all of
History to the End Times and the 2nd Coming. Measure the passageways and marvel at the Lord's
exactness.and confirmations of His Future