Obey Christ's Commandments not Pauls
(by Quincey)

Moses Prophesy against Israel
All Israel will Not be Saved
Only Faith Liberates
How to Get Faith
Group Faith versus Individual Faith
Group Faith
Geneology means Nothing
Forget Bloodlines
One People of God not Two
Worshipping Scripture
What is Scripture
David Jay Jordan
Paul versus Jesus
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Anti-widow Paul
Paul's Dress Code versus the Lord's
Fleeing Paul's Fornication
Paul's Contradictory Flesh Verses
Paulian Sexual Church Background

Paul promoted Nationalism
Wives submit to Husbands Fallacy
Sometimes Paul wrote his opinion rather than
the Lord's  .....

1Corinthians 7:6 But I speak this by
NOT of commandment.

And yet church people worship His opinions
about women, inequality, anti- sexuality,
nationalism and patriotism as if they were the
Paul favored Israel, Jesus did not
Paul was a great apostle in being chosen
to reach the Gentiles as a missionary, but
his words and opinions are not to be
worshipped as law when they contradict
what the Lord said and did.