33 Hertz                                     

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33 Hertz and Sex
33 Levels to Climax
Climbing Jacobs Ladder
Light Speed at Bliss
Ramp to the Lord -
Christos Angle
27-28-29 Steps to the Lord
Number 11
   33 hertz is the vibration of the Lord, which is why it is called the
Christos Frequency as it is also the proven and scientific frequency
within a golden section/phi crystal or pyramid. This being the shape
and composite material of New Jerusalem, in other words the home of
the Lord. 33 hertz also relating directly to our stepped up vibrational
rise from our base to our spiritual plane within our bodies called the
pineal height or plane of reflection. This why a sexual climax ending
there can be spiritual and the greatest experience of mankind taking us
into the heavenly realm. Its Jacobs ladder, by design. Its the true
kundalini, it's mathematical and spiritual when our motivation and heart
is right.
    Each article, is part of the puzzle that fits together as a whole to
explain, the harmony of the universe, the solar system, and our bodies
in making us fit together in His Creation.
   Study the articles, link up all aspects of the
frequency of 33 hertz by following hyperlinks and
marvel at the 'harmony' of Creation and the Lord's
marvellous DESIGN
Music of the Spheres
Pythagorus Comma
Pyramid of the Son/Sun
  Mathematical Proof of Design of the Solar System