David Jay Jordan's
For there is nothing covered that shall not
be revealed, nor hid that shall not be
known. (Luke 12: 2)

The thing that hath been, it is that which
shall be; and that which is done is that
which shall be done: and there is no new
thing under the sun.  (Eccelesiates 1: 9)
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Our Brains and Giza Co-relations
Phi Graphics of Pyramids
Earth, Moon, Pyramid Connections Graphics
Giza Sacrophage and Ark of the Covenant
Sphinx, Cerebiums and the Stars
Magic Ratios of Giza and the Earth
New Jerusalem is a Crystal Pyramid
Giza-London-New Jerusalem- Phi Connection
Christos Angle, Bethlehem, Giza and Sex
Enoch Designed the Great Pyramid
Sonic Stone Levitation, King's Chamber and F#
Facts and Statistics
Capstone, Giza Plateau, and 1/56th
Phi-Pyramid Projection of the Stars
F  #, the Key to the Kings Chamber
Pyramidology  PROPHECY
Phi F sharp Spiraling of Giza
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Exact timeline til the Lord's Second Coming
Giza is Center of Continents
Star Alignment at 2nd Coming  2017
Altar of Fire
Shafts to the Stars
Ring of Fire, Continental Drift and Prophecy
Leo enters Virgo
Christos Angle up the Ramp to the Lord
Lord is in the NORTH-WEST
Levitation Alignment of Pyramids and WHY
Architecture of the Universe
Male and Female Pillars