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  Absolute 33
Connection between sex and spirituality)
    ( MORE Confirmations of 33 - Gematria, Hertz, Geometery )          

   Allow me to give absolute proof of the connection between flesh and spirit and sex
and spirituality. I was a little leery of posting such secrets but at this late date and be-
cause we have so far to go in such a short time, I reckon the Lord would at least want
this to be sent out for those that are interested and searching for more truths and more
power in the Lord. I'll try to make it as simple as possible, although you will have to
check my sources, numbers, logic, science and scriptures if any of it is to sink in. For as
always, you have to do your part before you can decide and before you incorporate any
idea or principle onto your already established belief system. Anyway, here we go...

   Because through the spoken word and unfolding of the Lord's Name, all creation came into existence. And because it was spoken
in Hebrew, an alphanumeric numeric language, numbers become very important as any study of sacred geometry will show you.
Why, because this progression of creative numbers is linked directly to an absolute correspondence in the design and structure of
every thing and every molecule, etc. etc.

   So let's get to one of the most important numbers, Number 33, and see why it is important? This was the age of
Jesus when he
died, and also the age of Alexander the Great when he passed away. Similarly it was the length of time when David was King in
Jerusalem. But surely you'll sayl these things are just coincidences but then with a little study you should realize that nothing the
Lord does or did was a coincidence. He created the timing mechanisms right in the sky and they are meant for specific times and
seasons. This is why He instructed the Jewish people to align their holy-days according to the moon (Lunar schedules). This was
not a social cultural dating but a prescribed exact date yearly, dictated by the Lord himself in accordance with the heavenly bodies
He Himself created.

   When you also look at man-made structures, even temples like the Giza pyramid which was an initiation chamber for the
Egyptian priesthood, you find out that its structure is also religious aligned to the Lord's original creation because it is proportioned
after the
Golden Section. Its height is the square root of the golden section (1,272) and its slant is the golden section (1.618) if the
base is considered 1. Because of this it is the go between of the spirit and physical world because it is the boundary between static
and living geometry. And lo and behold if you check out its natural frequency (because all materials living or dead have a natural
vibration or frequency. It turns out ALSO to be 33 hertz a second. (See Frequency Page
http;//lynx.dac.neu.edu/home/httpa/r/rtulloch/freq.html Page 6).

   Therefore inside the Giza pyramid and all pyramids the natural frequency is 33 hertz. But wait a minute, a quartz crystal has a
top exactly slanted like the Giza pyramid or slanted at 360/7 or 5l.43...degrees.   And now switching disciplines if you know
biology and chemistry well enough, you will have learnt that the basic structure on earth is crystalline in design. This is exactly the
same structure of our bodies, especially our crystalline bones, therefore we can be considered crystalline (See
Crystalline Skull). So
you think that logically, we also would be activated inside our divinely created pyramid and crystal at exactly 33 hertz, so let's see
if scientific evidence backs this up.  Sure it can be proven mathematically that we are also designed by the Lord using this template
of All creation in our bodies, because we contain the Golden Section of Beauty within our design, (See
Golden Section proof) which
is the exact reason why we consider our shapes beautiful. We should because we are designed exactly after the Lord's own body
and after his Queens body (the
Holy Spirit...the mother head as stated in all Hebrew scriptures) (See Made in His Image). This
geometry into the beautiful and sacred as shown graphically by Leonardo Da Vinci in his drawing of the naked man inside the
squared circle called the Vitrium (with square root of the golden section lengths) makes us the most highly technologically advanced
machine ever created. We can by design communicate to our Maker and do amazing feats as demonstrated by our Lord if under the
right conditions.

   For we like crystals themselves also have the piezo-electric effect incorporated into our beings. It changes mechanical energy into
electrical energy via its hexagonal cross sectional shape (as seen in the hexagonal sides of a crystal). O.K. now we are getting closer
to sex, as sex itself is merely the build-up of mechanical motion that eventually brings on an electrical explosion if we reach climax.
This is ultimate experience for some, is sometimes called estasy, bliss, union etc. in religious scriptures and other names in scientific
papers but we all know in essense what it means irregardless of its labeling. So again we see we are on the borderline between two
worlds, for this piezo-electric effect is the only reason why our computers work, because they store the electrical impulse put into
them and keep that frequency in memory until it is asked for electronically and manually. (SEE
Sexy Star of David)

   Therefore the cross over boundary of mechanical electrical and even into the world of memory and consciousness is due to the
properties of the Lord's crystalline design. And logically this would mean that at the moment of climax and union of two beings
(even one alone, etc. etc) a frequency would seem to be reached that could bridge the gap between the spiritual and the physical.
And lo and behold, such appears to be the case. For if you look into the weird and wonderful and slightly hidden and unChristian
truths and discoveries on danwinter. com, you will hopefully discern that here and other places graphically show that again 33hertz
is the frequency of our brain waves. (SEE
Sacred  Geometry Site )

   EEG at the moment of climax or bliss, or even more importantly union with our Maker if we are in tune with Him. Something
very special happens as our chakra's (golden section) designed bodies elevate to the level of consciousness...in the middle of our
brain surrounded by our crystalline skull that could allow us to communicate our love and praise to Him in this most sacred of acts.
I mean even the ventricles of the brain are Ram shaped, or golden sectioned shaped to allow the funneling of vibrations to the palne
of relfection, pineal level or third eye level of the soul, whatever you choose to call it.

   But don't be too easily convinced yet, even though there is a multitude of other cross references and other group evidences and
experiences that show this connection between the sexual and the spiritual, flesh and spirit, before you make one more internet
search .....Why ? Because surely you should be thinking that 33 is debatable and if hertz is a measurement of time, how in heaven
would that also be definitively exact.

   Well the reason being is that, the Lord also created exact speeds and boundaries Not only just material objects and spiritual
beings. He created All laws and the ultimate speed called the boundary of the speed of light. below this speed we are in the
so-called real material world, above this speed (now known to exist scientifically) we are into the spiritual world that is beyond
time and distance and is in fact instantaneous. Therefore with the speed of light as sacredly set, we should be wondering if
distances might also be sacred in lengths. And Yes, they absolutely are as the angels have exact measuring rods to measure with
(Read the Bible).

   And Lo and behold...again the distances involved with the earth and the moon are proportionate and exact in showing the square
root of the golden section principle (if 7920 is earth's diameter and Moons is 2160, then their addiction is 10080 making Earth
equaling 1 and earth plus the moon the square root of the golden section or 1.272 - Read
Magic ratios) Now its should be very easy
to understand that with sacred speeds and now with sacred distances that there must be scared times, even the very seconds on the
clock as the Lord exactly weighs our time on Earth individually and as cultures with his unerring exactness. Therefore seconds are
sacred and a measurement of vibrations per second can also be sacred. (SEE
3 Phi Graphics)

Now let's find some proof for this that ties up all ends back to the sacred number 33. So if you merely punch in the following link
on your crystalline pyramidal computers, you will discover more absolute proof of this not so hidden interface. It's called the LIX
number at

   This simple mathematical calculation relates how the speed of light divided by 33, gives astounding correspondences. So do read
it for yourself, to see that again , the number 33 is very special, and the frequency 33 hertz is much more than just another
vibration.But do be aware of the fact, that all this means nothing and the goyum can not use such knowledge for their advantage
because as has been stated by Dan Winter and others, without the exact frequency of real love in your heart, also called compassion
or getting out of yourself, can a recursive, sharing non-destructible wave be formed. In other words without the Lord's real love all
this and all attempts at reaching this level of communication without His Spirit comes to nought......For God is LOVE and His

In His Service   ...


For further co-relations with the mathematical progression to the Lord in hertz, SEE
MORE Confirmations of 33 and 33 Hertz
and Sex      Thanks . Comments welcome at Davidjayjordan@yahoo.com


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