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Avebury is a Spiritual Latitude
Giza, London, New Jerusalem Link
America is not the Center of Christendom
Athens is on the Crossroads
Jesus, Bethlehem and its Latitude
Worldwide Flood and Noah's Ark
Hawaii and its future Volcano's
Location of New Jerusalem Cornerstones
Earth is the Lord's Dodecahedron
Eternal Jerusalem
Hollow Earth
Atlantis  and Mu
Continental Drift and Days of Peleg
Earth is the Center of the Universe
Michael's Sine Wave over Jerusalem
Mystery Schools of Egypt and Greece
Geography and Pics of Petra
Parthenon and 100 Feet
The Earth shall help us
Location of the Garden of Eden
Alignment of Cities Map
Timeline to Flood and After
Russian Altai Mountain Prophecies & A.C.
.England's Link to King David and Messianic Promises
Ten Missing Geographical Tribes  -  Cekts and Saxons
The Earth was shaped by the Lord's Design Patterns, The placement of continents,
features, even cities and countries was by design..... Study the design to know the all creation is by design, nothing happened or was created by chance.
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Mile
Who Made the Distances
Earth's Revolution & Pythagorus Comma
Music of the Planets
Phi Spiral of Planets
Phi Spiral of Creation
Acre, and Sacred Time
Acre, 8x8 magic Square
Chess and Knight's Tour
Measuring Rod     under Construction
The Lord created the Heavens and the Earth