Description of Anti-Christ
Alpha-numeric 666
A.C. destroys Prince of the Covenant.
Prince of the Covenant
Abomination of Desolation is...
Anti-Christ,  Madhi, and the Koran
A.C.'s Deadly Wound
Every Kneee shall bow to A.C.
A.C. won't be a madman
A.C. knows your face
Prince of the Covenant and the A.C.
Ransomed of the Lord
We shall be called devils             
We have to hate the world           
We are not anarchists

We Shall Over Come and the Evil Ones shall not prevail

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The Lord is not a Whimp.
The Lord Loves Judgment.
God's Judgments
The Lord is angry til Judgment Day
Revelation Timeline
Daniel Timeline
The Lord Shall Judge the Anti-Christ
Be Not Afraid of the Assyrian A.C.
Anti-Christ comes before Jesus' Return
A.C's Mark or Lord's Seal
David Jay Jordan's
A.C. will Not be against the Christian Church
False Prophets of Peace and Safety
A.C. does not make the Covenant
The Anti-Christ and Covenant of Daniel
Terrorism brings on the Covenant
Triple Tau Mark of the Beast
We are against anarchy and violence
One sided War against America
Russian Prophecies about the A.C.
Putin is not A.C.
Anti-Christ Prophecies
King of the North
Vladislav Surkov -   Russian Anti-Christ
Patriarch Kirill  - Russian False Prophet ? ?
AntiChrist - False Prophet Duo
Lord's Two Witnesses
Little Horn - Eighth World  Kingdom
AC moves South, East to Jerusalem
13th Imam Fulfilled by ...
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Surkov manipulating A.C. . Saviour of Russia          Aug. 2018

Surkov's Birthday Co-relation with Harvest Timing
      Under Construction                               September 2018

End Time Leaders Births and Deaths Prophecy Design
                                                                   September 2018