The Heavens declare the Glory of God
and the Firmament ... His Handiwork
                                 Psalm 19
David Jay Jordan's
Red Light Shift
Stolen Information, Inventions and Creativity
True Science versus False Science
Einstein and the Speed of Light
Flesh and Spirit Equation
Pentagram      Spirit over Matter
Jesus is the Creator
Architecture, and Sacred Sex
Smell, Incense, Prayers and Demons
Magic Ratio's
Pineal Projection of Soul at Death
Secret of Teleporting
Travel at the Speed of Thought
Souls have weight
Invisibility  and Light
Light Years are meaningless
Unified Field Force
Our Brain and the Giza Pyramid
Law of Love, Science, and God
Souls and Embryo's
"True Science and True
Spirituality  are One"
Physics of Falling in Love
Sex is Divine and Mathematical
Golden Section, Giza, Bodies Graphics
Earth, Moon,  Phi Graphics
Phi Spiral of Creation Graphics
Messianic Story written in the Stars
Piezoelectric Effect and Hexagram
Made In His Image
Evolution is a Scientific Lie
Free Energy that's Free
    Enter Mathematics Mysteries
Mathematics Mysteries
Sex and Science
Alignment, Lasers and Power
Geographic Mysteries
T.O.E. Equations prove Creation
Hand of God wrote F.S.C.
No "Footprints on the Moon"
Phi-Pyramids Project the Stars
Platonic Solid Numbers co-related to Heaven
Sacred Geometry and Squared Circle
Famous Christian Scientists
New Articles from TOPIX DEBATE  2018

Impossibility of a Perpetual Motion Machine     
Beauty is the Lord's Golden Section        
God = Jesus = Creator > Science + Laws + Creation
Invisibility is Scientific... the spirit world  
The Design of Time is Prophecy
The Human Brain did not Evolve
Souls have weight .. 21 grams Experiment         
Einstein said, He wanted to prove God'... and Did
Christ can be proven    
The Green Revolution of False Science has failed