David Jay Jordan's

                                                Early Church
Original Church Accused of Sexual Immorality
Charity Feasts or Love Feasts
Early Christians gave ALL
Love One Another Means ....
Christ taught Mysteries
Equality Not Patriarchy
Christian Love Feasts
Tacitus Sexual Accussation against Church
300 Hundred Years of Love Feasts
Perfect in Love
Law of Love
Law of the Heart
Doctrine of Nicolaitanes
Individual Faith not Group Faith
Book of Revelation against Temple Fornication
Meaning of Porneia
Sterilized Censored Bible
How Early Church expanded so fast
Love Church versus False War Church
False Christian Church Anti-sexual History
Our Arch Enemies are Religionists
Why War Churches are so Dangerous
False Church Misinterpretation of Flesh
False Church Blindness to New Truths
False Church of Actors, the Nicolaitanes
A.C. is not against False Church System
Paul versus Jesus
Christs Commands not Paul's
Paul's Modesty or Jesus Liberation
Paul's Contradictory Flesh
Paul favoured Israel
Fleeing Paul's Fornication
Paul's Sexual Background
Paul's Anti-widow Remarks
Paul's Hierarchical Control not Jesus'
Jesus said, 'This is my commandment .....
That you love one another, as I have loved you

This the Early Church did.
This the majority of the Latter Church does not
False New Church established 325. A.D.
Councel of Nicaea
Excellent Early Church Sexual
Communion Research Website