Mathematics Mysteries

                              Light Speed, Phi, 33 and Connections

As we just have to get away from linguistics and into pure mathematics which absolutely proves that the Lord is the
Creator, allow me to post this hyper-link as a start to a study for any serious scientists who want to figure out the
scientific mysteries of the Universe through mathematics.

So go to for a mathematical approach, but there they call it the LINX Number
because it links worlds. So that should get you started into seeing that the Speed of Light which was set by the Lord
as a barrier between the spiritual and physical world can be correlated to the
number 33. I arrived at this number from
a different direction than , but in either case one confirms the other, no matter how you came to this scientific
mathematics. SEE also
Flesh Spirit Equation

Hence the basic principle is that there is a correlation between distances, speeds, and time itself. Many already know
that a cubit, one and a half feet is a sacred divine measure, meaning a foot is as well. A span of course, being half a
cubit and the span of a man's hand …9 inches. And from this it can be absolutely proven that a furlong, is also a
scared measure of the Lord, cause it relates to how far a man using an ox has to plow in covering an acre. 660 feet.
Eight of which makes a scared mile and you probably thought a mile was just a crazy archaic measure that related to
nothing, but not so, as it is in ratio with the whole Earth. SEE
Magic Ratios

O.K. so if we have shown that distances are sacred and divinely appointed as mentioned in so many places in the
Bible, then if we can then show that speed is divine that would make the missing  and unknown quantity of time in the
equation  (distance = speed times time) also be sacred Right. I mean we should know it because the Lord's time table in
the beginning as written in genesis states very specifically that the rotations and revolutions of His stars and planets
are for time purposes and hence 24 hour days or 86,400 seconds. And we'll get to talking about that later.

But don't worry non-science and math types, its really quite easy  to understand and you don't have to have wasted
years in non-thinking universities to be able to understand these things. So if you notice from LINX website, the
speed of light is related to the LINX number and the Golden Section or Phi.  How don't get scared as if high
mathematics is coming your way as the Golden Section is easy to understand if you have just a touch of patience and
put forth a little effort.

But why should you because this missing ingredient is the actual Template that the Lord used in creating All His
Creation from the macrocosm (planets and stars and galaxies) to the microcosm,  (atoms and electrons) and everything
in-between meaning you and me and the Earth we live on.

So take some time and go through these simple graphic explanations Golden Section and your Body. Earth Moon Phi
Pyramid. and Phi Spiral of Creation Graphics .Or if you like this simple to understand class relating how are bodies
are designed with the Lord's template called the Golden Section. SEE  
Golden Section.Class

 Because after you understand this connection, then you will understand that 'Phi' isn't Pi in the sky but something
that directly relates to you and your divinely created body. So even though we aren't 'divine', nevertheless we were
created by a DIVINE MASTER PLANNER. SEE 'Jesus is the Creator' and  'Made in His Image'

Which brings us back to 33, cause all the other factors have been mentioned. We know the exact speed of light over the
scared distances, and it is related to 33. But why 33. Sure it is a multiplication of 3 that stands for the Trinity of the
Lord, the mathematical beauty of the Equality of the father, Son and Holy Spirit, that when multiplied by the Magical
Number 11 yields 33, so maybe there is something to 33 other than pure luck and chance.

Hmmmmm ....and there is ...... as you can find out in the posting Absolute 33 which connects up the spiritual and
physical realm whether it be pyramids, crystals, or even us with the spirit world. So you have a little study ahead of
you, but it isn't that difficult to understand , otherwise I wouldn't have understood it in its basics. And we can let the
real mathematicians resolve the greater mathematical truths proofing even more of the Lord's Creative process.

I wasn't going to post 'Absolute 33' publicly, but why not, the time is late and we are going to have to absolutely
know the connection between ourselves and the Earth and the real spiritual world even mathematically. Why because
the more we know, the more faith we can have in the Creator and His name is

Don't you agree mathematically to the Great Mathematician And it certainly ain't me, as I ain't the sharpest tool in
the mathematical woodshed, but I do know this simple math, and do know the Lord created math and numbers and all
truths point to Him, for it is wise to be simple enough to figure this out.


David Jay Jordan