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   GOLDEN SECTION or 'PHI' class

The GOLDEN Section is really quite simple and easy to understand, even though the secular, commercial quanatative
math we have been taught in school has usually turned us off from mathematics and even sometimes science itself. Yet
with a simple understanding of this basic knowledge of its PATTERN, you can go into the discoveries and interlinking
connection with any field of science, for they are all related.

The Golden Section has been around from the beginning of Creation as the Lord used it consistently when making either
the macrocosm ( See
Astronomy & the Golden Section) or the microcosm (chemistry and physics) or even when designing
us, the very image of Himself. (SEE
Golden Section Design in our Bodies with Graphics) It was originally only taught in
secret to the very elite. Yet became public knowledge, when Fra Luca Pacioli, Leonardo DaVinci's math teacher, wrote the
"De Divina Proportionale'. In other words the Golden Section, is when the larger is to the smaller what the larger is to
the whole. This is a little hard to envision, so now consider any whole measure divided up into .382 and .618. Together
they make the whole .382+.618=1. The larger is to the smaller, 1.618 times as big. Then the whole (1) is also l.618 times as
big as .618.

The FIBORACCI SERIES or reproduction of mature adults mating gives this same exact number of 1.618 times as large
with each succeeding generation, and the Golden Section series of numbers looks like this; .382, .618, 1, 1.618, 2.618,
4.236, and on and on. In other words, if you add any two in the series together you get the next number in the series, and
magically if you also multiply any of the two numbers together in the series you also get the next number, so that the
golden section is both an additive and multiplicative series, amazing!! (This also has a correlation between the exact
diameters of the EARTH and the MOON, i.e. The Same Creator, but that's another Class) But wait a minute if you take a
right angled triangle with sides 1 and 1.272 then the hypotenuse or other side is l.618. This is part of the Pythagorus's
theorem, remember that one> He didn't learn this truth from observation or intense thinking, but it was passed on to him
in his travels through the Mid-East. He taught it in his secretive Academy that he established. But this l and l.272, and
1.618 sides of a triangle are identical to the proportions of the Giza Pyramid ((sides 393(1)times 2=786 ', height 500'
(1,272) and slant distance 636' (1.618)) Consequently its median section or slope distance incorporates the 'Golden
Section' also called 'Phi'.

Yea, Yea, you're still saying, "So what?" Well, crystals, the building blocks of organized life are similarly shaped, for
without the resonance property and capabilities of the Lord's created crystals, the computers we are using wouldn't even
be possible. There would be no memory herein without crystal storage plates inside our very computers, for man's
knowledge is really nothing more than an attempt to harness what the Lord already created. For there is definitely a link
between us, pryamids, crystals, computers, the microcosm and the macrocosm. There is a link and links because there was

All the great mathematicians knew about the Golden Section, whether they called it the Golden mean, the Divine
Section, PHI or whatever they labeled it. Every architect is taught it and tries to duplicate it and incorporate it in their
structures just like the ancients did. But nothing man has built has come close to the perfection and beauty of our own
bodies. We are the ultimate creation of God, created in his likeness. That's why we are mesmerized by ourselves, for 'no
man as yet has hated his own body.' We are beautifully created. We are NOT some by-product of damnable evolution or
mere chance of chaotic and random coincid4ence. There is absolutely no evidence to support such anarchy of thinking.
Consistent design is absolute proof of God's creative ability and therefore control. For everything in science and nature
works together harmonically (music , vibration, electromagnetism etc. etc. SEE
Music frequency) whether in the
microcosm (the small world of electrons etc.) or the macrocosm (the larger world of planets, stars, etc.) because the Lord
rules, and his principles are the same.

Einstein was close to uniting and finding God by putting all forces, everything into one
Unifying Field Theory, the Theory
of Everything
. Yet when we have the Lord, we have this long sought after solution to all problems and all forces,
scientifically and personally. We don't have to be afraid of knowledge, true knowledge. It will only bring us closer to our
Creator and His Laws not further away. There is no separation of religion and science. True science is true religion. They
are One. Different but the same, as in the sexes, as in scared geometry, we are different but the same in the Lord's eyes.
For after we realize that we are designed, we are made, its then we can understand that our very lives have a purpose. We
are clay in the hands of the potter and our lives are therefore bought with a price. Without the Lord's Breath of life, We
wouldn't have existed, we couldn't exist.

Consequently the only logical conclusion is that we owe Him our life, our life is not our own and we should give it back to
Him especially considering His Sacrifice for us. ...One life soon will be past…..only what's done for
Jesus will last. For
whether you believe in the Golden Section or Not it exists as is the template for Creation. It leads to the study of all life.
It's not a theory but REAL just as its Creator IS.

Thanks for coming to class, the class is now over. If you have questions e-mail me. It's a crime, these truths have been
hidden from us for such a long time and all the other truths this leads to, but the responsibility now lies in our hands to
pass these things on to strengthen the faith of others in the
BEAUTY of the LORD'S DESIGN ...so study and learn and
see you in our next class..

In the Lord's Educational Service


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