David Jay Jordan's

                               Magic Ratio's

In the grand scope of things. an 'inch' is to a furlong what a mile is to the earths diameter. It is a sacred ratio
as our measure is an inch whereas the heavenly measure is a mile. This is why our forefathers used the mile
and the inch as a standard. Nine inches equaled a 'span' and 18 inches equalled a 'cubit', so accordingly the
Lord used these divine measures in His Bible. They reflected heavenly created values and this relationship
was suppose to be a reminder to us of the Creator's Standards that all things co-relate together. And so¦

1 " is to 660 feet (furlong) as 1 mile is to 7920 miles
1 " is to 7290 " as 1 mile is to 7920 miles

They both have a common ratio of 1/7920. And if you read Revelations, the furlong wasnt just any length of
measure but a golden reed used by the angel. This sacred measure of the angel was the furlong of 660  or
7920 " And 12000 of these furlongs was the number of lengths in the side of New Jerusalem.

12,000 furlongs = 1500 miles = 7,920,000'

Again the number involved is 792, but 792 in numerology was again sacred or special for the Greeks based
on the Creative values of the Hebrew alphanumeric language, used by the Lord to bring about Creation. (See
Genesis) Why, because of many co-related reasons but the Lords Sacred Name from which all things came
from the Tetragrammaton of Yod-He-Vau-He, (Jehovah) yielded the Great Number of 72 when its letters of 10-
5-6-5, then 10-5-6, then 10-5, and lastly a 10 on the Trinity shaped Triangle were added up equalling 72.

72 is called the GREAT NUMBER, and when it is doubled, in equality as in reproduction it produces 144,
the magical number of those that make it through tribulation and the width and height of the stones
foundation (again us like the
144,000 sealed) of New Jerusalem.

When multiplied by the magical 11 (See later Posts) it yields again 792.This makes a circumference of 3168
if the four sides of 792 are added up. (See the Golden section and the Squared Circle) and this correlates to
Latitude of Bethlehem where the Messiah, the Creator of all worlds was born. His Name was Jesus and if
you add up the values of the names of Aarons Breast plate, they also add up to 3168 as the stones of the
foundation of New Jerusalem. For its circumference adds up to 3168 multiple as well. (See
Jesus, Bethleham
and BreatPlate)

But wait a minute, the Giza Pyramid, was shaped after the Heavenly City, as is a Pyramid just like New
Jerusalem. For again, it had sides of 792 feet and a circumference of 3168 feet when created.

And then again this Giza foursquare makes a circle with a diameter of 792 and the earth has a diameter of
7920 because Giza was a minature of
New Jerusalem, 1/10,000th the size., which is why it had power (except
they had no capstone which is always JESUS). It was a smaller version a ratioed down version of New
Jerusalem, so that it’s power would be multiplied by the earths Power in being also ratioed into the Great
Number and the Magical Number of 792. Their proportions were right. The alignment with the earth was
exact to match the electrical fields. This is why it was powerful and a go-between between the spirit and
earthly worlds. And why New Jerusalem will be the capital of not just the Solar System but the entire

And then when you reconsider that the Earth has a diameter of 7920 miles, or a radius of 3960 miles and the
Moon has a diameter of 2160 miles, or radius of 1080. You may notice from your readings that these two
radiuses when combined or when the Earth and Moon become one, adds up to Platos perfect number of 5040
(or 1x2x3x4x5x6x7).

So in the world of Sacred True geometry, when the Moon is put on the Earth, the ratios are 5040 over 3960,
meaning 5040/3960 or 1.272 which is the square root of phi or the golden section, which is the height of a
pyramid and we have again a complete circle in logic and math.

The Earth and Moon are proportioned by the Lord to be golden section related due to His power involved.
They are pyramidal in shape and there will be a pyramidal Heavenly City placed on the Earth And to
harmonize everything together we are also pyramidally based or should I say  designed because we are
designed after His Divine Image and the Lord has always used the additive/ multiplicative/sexual PHI

This is why our bodies are star shaped and beautiful (See
Made in His Image and Star of David) which co-
relates not only our bodies with the earth and the Moon but then even the stars. For in sacred geometry and
truth, size doesnt matter its the purity of the seed that does. And if we have His pure simple truth and faith, his
ratios have power because they are all interconnected according to these MAGIC RATIOS

His Service

David Jay Jordan