David Jay Jordan's

                  Flesh and Spirit Equation

Because creation came from the unfolding of the Lord's Name allow me to state the basic equation from
Einstein that absolutely correlates the Spirit World with the Physical World…..and Religion with Science.
You all probably know it but may not realize its implications……..

It's Einsteins or should I say it's the Lord's Equation      E=mc2

In other words energy and mass are the same thing in different forms. Energy can form mass by I accelerating
it at the square of light speed. For remember Light speed is the boundary of time, meaning beyond that speed
(which has now been proven scientifically to be possible)you are beyond time and into the spirit world where
time no longer exists (Rev 22). But not any energy can do this but organized, totally rational energy that that
we all know as God, or more appropriately, as the Creator, very distinct and very real.

All the seen world comes from the unseen world. What we see is only 1 octace of the elctromagnetic field
when there is a total spectrum of 70 octaves. The unseen creates the seen. And in this case, the Lord who is
normally unseen by us, can and has created all the matter around us, whether in our Solar System or in all
the Universe. How, by accelerating energy at light speed squared.

This God CREATES matter, and this equation shows the link between the two, between the spiritual and the
physical. For even in nuclear physics sub-atomic particles (or very small pieces of matter) literally go into the
electrical or spiritual world via golden section spirals (see Golden Section class). And so inversely the same
thing is known to happen when matter is created from the spiritual world. The Lord's (golden section)
whirlwind spirals matter into existence.

O.K. that's the physics, of the real spiritual world and its connection to the real physical world, because
below the speed of light, below this boundary set up by the Lord, our physical world exists. Why, because
electrons that surround our atoms that compose our molecules which make up our bodies, don't travel faster
than the speed of light. They travel close to the speed of light, which means out atoms exist in the physical
demension. For unless we and are electrons are propelled beyond the speed of light, (Which has been proven
possible now by science at phi ratios grater than the speed of light) we can not enter into the spiritual
demension where time no longer exists. And again this can only be done by the Lord, our Creator.

These are the two coexistent worlds that Einstein proved mathematically exist simultaneously. There is a link
between the physical and the spiritual. It is not myths or dreams or incantations of shamans or trumped up
religion but down to earth mathematics and real equations and its all provable.... And the only bridge
between the two is Jesus who said "He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life and Light."

His Service


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