Capturing the Light

Introduction to Light Series

Joshua's Stone Circle
Giza Alignments
Original Equator thru Giza and Petra
Why 30degrees
Stonehenge Alignments
Virgin Light at Sun Rise
Sacred Architecture Temple Design
Christos Angle
Circle of Giants
Horned 'Nephilim' Giants
Strange Flesh - Jude
Geography Design
Ararat Pyramid Design
Christos Angle, Giza, Jesus, Stonehenge
   Bethlehem and Jesus
Graphic Design including Jordan and Petra
Giza, Baalbek, Mt. Ararat Design

Petra Sunrise on Plateau
Sunrises Music and Word Transmission
Why Light Rituals are Important
Lord's Design of Pineal Gland Crystals
Pineal- Pituitary Christos Angle
King's Chamber Offset   
Kings Chamber 6.5 degree Offset
Galactic Cross Importance & Timing
Sirius,Orion,Taurus, Pleiades Line
Grail Sexual Implications
Leo Rising
Nile - Milky Way Correspondence
Brain - Milky Way - Light Possibility
Galactic Cross and 2016
6.5 Offset

Summation of Capturing the Light
The Heavens declare the Glory of God
And the Firmament shows His Handiwork
                                   Psalms 19
Under Construction
Astronomy Sub-Board


Sunrise Musical Words
Virgin Light
2016 Galactic Cross
Galactic Cross
Giza Bethlehem Ararat Design
Ararat Pyramid Design
Leo Rising
Nile MilkyWay Corelations
Stonehenge Alignments
MilkyWay Brain Transmission
Decoding Enochs Prophecy
Evil Authors
Petra Paul History Future
Geographic Design Graphics
Why 6.5 degree offset 1
Why 6.5 degree offset 2
Scalar Energy
Original Equator
Pythaogorus Comma and Great Pyramid
Axis of Evil
DNA Instantaneous Star Communication
Scalar, Aether, Holy Spirit Energy
Decoding Enoch's Prophecy

Hall of Records
Evil Authors... Buvaal, Brown, Stichin,