David Jay Jordan's

                   Christos Angle of Grail, Initiation Angle of Giza, Womb of Creation

                                                        (Vesica Pisces, Giza, Bethlehem, and Sex)

The specific ‘cup’ (grail) energetic is a relatively shallow dish in shape and is found by drawing a ‘vesica pisces’ using
the ‘Christos Angle’ or ‘Bethlehem Angle’ of 26 degrees 18 minutes and 9.7 seconds This angle is found in the Great
Pyramids ‘two ascension passageways of initiation and is also the angle from the Gizeh Plateau to Bethlehem… written by
William Buehler.

The above quote and angles are true, because the Christos Angle is a well established truth within the Great Pyramid, (SEE
Triangle Graphics)  and via maps you can determine that this very angle North Eastward goes straight to Bethlehem. And it is this
vesica in the shape of the female genitalia that forms a receptacle or grail out of which all shapes and geometries are born according
to sacred geometry, just as out of the female genitalia or vaginal birth canal that all human life comes from. (SEE
MusicandSacredGeometry )

But that’s not the end of the correspondences, because we humans have been designed ‘beautifully’ according to the
Lord’s template of life the ‘Golden Section’ (SEE
GoldenSectionandyourBody.) And this template of living life is
associated with the number 5, because a perfect pentagram or five pointed star inside a circle, contains the Golden Section or â
€˜Phi’ ratios of 1.618 to 1. And it is for this reason and many others that we are considered ‘stars’ in scriptures if we are
aligned to the One and ONLY CREATOR, rather than the fallen star or stars. (Daniel 12: 3)

Hence let’s go further and realize that the shape of the ultimate physical structure that connects up the stars with a flat plane is
a phi-based PYRAMID like GIZA.. (SEE
Phi Pyramid projection of the stars ). A phi-pyramid having a base of 1, with a height of
the square root of phi, and a slant length of l.618… and that’s as we know by now called ‘phi’. And it is for this reason
why the Lord Himself has His Eternal City, New Jerusalem shaped as a phi pyramid (SEE
New Jerusalem is a Phi Pyramid )
connecting up Heaven and Earth. And what does He call His beloved city, but His Virgin Bride, for only He (
Jesus) will be allowed
to enter into Her, as the Bridegroom. This being the number 6, the six pointed ‘Star of David’ that is male and female and
unites sexually in the piezo-electric effect that bridges the spirit and physical world. (SEE
Sexy Star of David )

And united together the Bride and the Bridegroom make love as ONE (John 16) in their eternal home which is symbolized by the
number 7, the un-enterable virgin number in sacred geometry. Why, because no number can divide seven, it can’t be divided and
its sacred angle of 51.43 degrees is the side slope angle of a phi-pyramid, just as in the case of Giza. So what is the passage way, or
ascending/descending, in and out love canal of Giza but its ascension passage way to its very heart, to its WOMB, right to the
King’s Chamber. And what is the angle of the ascension passage way but 26 degrees 18’ 9.7� By accident absolutely
NOT, but by design, because nothing has power unless it corresponds exactly to the over ALL design of the Designer of both the
Microcosm and the Macrocosm. Are you catching the significance, if not, consider the
Great Pyramid Prophecy Graphics showing
the Christos Angle and its prophetic witness.

And so the 29 steps to the top of the passage way to the Womb or the heart of the pyramid that connects Heaven and Earth are
important and must again correspond to The Lord’s frequencies that He created (SEE
29 Steps ) and the spiritual sexual
connection. Therefore again can I suggest that this angle labeled the Christos Angle, has a sexual parallel, to our divine bodily image
and it relates directly to sex itself, and the angle at which a male enters a female and her passage way to life. (SEE
Bethlehem Giza and Sex. )

But that’s not that end of the story or the correspondences, as what’s above, must also be what’s below, as in Heaven
so on Earth. For this Christos Angle that reaches vertically is also templated on the flat geometry (or should I say) the circular
spherical geometry of the Earth. Why, because the Earth was created by the Lord as well, in just the right size so that the MOON
and the Earth when combined or mated actually gives again, the Golden Section or ‘phi’ ratio’s (SEE
Earth moon phi
pyramid graphics ). But don’t get overwhelmed by all these facts, because if you take each precept like Isaiah said, separately
and discover them, then eventually you can add precept upon precept and understand the whole.

So now from Giza, meaning the border in Egyptian, and as also mentioned by Isaiah as a marker, Isaiah 19:19-20 "In that day there
will be an alter to the Lord in the heart of Egypt, and a monument to the Lord at its border. It will be a sign and witness to the Lord
Almighty in the land of Egypt." Draw a line at 26 degrees 18’ 9.7’ to the right and where do you pass through ?. Remember
in the pyramid, it went through the Womb, or the central interior where the King’s Chamber lies, or where the King lied down.
You guessed it, or you drew your line correctly, for it passes straight through Bethlehem, where the Creator of the Universe was
born physically. And that’s why the ‘Christos Angle’ is also called the ‘Bethlehem Angle’. The womb of the
whole Earth is where our Saviour of all the Earth and all the Universe was born… BETHLEHEM. For even the latitude co-ordinate
of 31.68 shows the summation of the square of the Earth with sides of 7920 miles (SEE
Latitude and Bethlehem )

No wonder Isaiah prophesied about the Christ by saying “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government
shall be upon his shoulder, and His Name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince
of Peace.’ (Isaiaih 9: 6)  And as the prophet Micah stated so clearly .... " But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little
among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been
from of old, from everlasting. (Micah 5: 2). Why because Jesus, the Messiah was born in bethlehem but was from the Beginning
and was the Creator.

For it is, He that is the true capstone that the builders of Giza rejected, which is why the Lord never let them cap their pyramid
with a capstone for might or strength. And so the ‘Christos Angle’ or ‘Bethlehem Angle’ is not by chance or
inconsequential but of Great significance, and surely has to be followed if we are to make love to the Bridegroom and our Creator.
Jesus is the Creator. And surely His Grail is and was divinely shaped incorporating its depth and ratios, so as to truly hold
the seed and blood of our Lord.

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