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                                                  Bethlehem's Latitude, Jesus and the Earth

To understand the Messiah, the Lamb, the Son of God, you have to realize that Jesus was not a mere man or a creation of
God but the very Creator of Everything. With this in mind and heart, it makes understanding His prophecy & relationships
and numbers so much easier.

For when in the Messianic prophesy, Micah 5:2, it says, "But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, thou thou be little among the
thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall He come forth unto Me that is to be ruler in Israel, whose goings forth have been of
old, from everlasting." It not only very specifically states where the Messiah will be born but that he also is from
everlasting, or as Jesus said, Before Abraham was, I am.

Jesus was from everlasting to everlasting , the ALPHA and the OMEGA. He didn't just happen to be born in Bethlehem,
but it was foreordained by the Father, and Son and Holy Spirit to be so. The timing of the Messiah's birth was exactly
foretold mathematically by Daniel in his seventy-year prophecy. (See Daniel 9 class) And similarly the place of the
Messiah's birth was specifically mentioned as Bethlehem, which must have also been perfectly situated on its latitude of
31.68 degrees, for nothing the Creator does is by chance but according to His perfect plan.

But why, at this latitude, is there any collaborating evidence to tie this number up with his other truths. 3168 was honored
by the early Christians as a sacred number, but surely they didn't understand the concept of latitude at that time, although
they did understand the alphanumeric significance of Greek and the Hebrew languages in connection with the creative words
that created Everything. As in Pythagorean sacred geometry, (
Stolen from the Lord by the "fallen angels" and passed on to
the Egyptians), the number 792 times four, or the circumference of the square of the Earth yields 3168. 792 correlating to
both the diameter of the earth of 7920 miles and the base of the Giza pyramid of 792 feet.

You should normally hesitate at accepting these numbers as corresponding until you later find out that miles, and inches,
cubits and furlongs are sacred divine measurements of distances as well as the size of the earth, the Moon and the distances
between them For as mentioned nothing is by chance within the macrocosm or the microcosm because the Lord of Lords
created it all in perfect harmony and balance. Therefore a scientific study of any of his worlds will always bring you right
back to Him

And when you take the number 792, any mathematical Hebrew should be able to tell you that this number is the magical
multiplication by 11 of the GREAT NUMBER 72. For the name YHWH, when forming the Trinity or triangular shape,
adds up alphanumerically like this 10+15+21+26 = 72. And if you need further confirmation, you merely need to add up the
numbers on the Breastplate or ephod of the High Priest, the summation of the gems or crystals on His badge of authority to
realize that Jesus Christ was the High Priest of all priests, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. (See Gematria of the Torah
Ephod)  With this cross link to this letter and http://ortk.org/gematria.htm Page 4. ""You'll notice the names and
corresponding numbers associated with each tribal name.

Dan is 54, Asher 501, Issachar 830 and Zebulon 95, they add up to 1480. While the last three Ephraim 331, Manasseh 395
and Benjamin 162 adds up to 888.

Then when you consider that Jesus Christ in Greek, Isesous Xristos, yields a value of exactly the same numbers 1480 and
888. You get an exact correlation between Greek and Hebrew. And because with your basic study of the truths of the
Genesis numbers, you soon realize rationally and logically that the name of Jesus Christ was written right on the BreastPlate
of the Priesthood, because he was the High Priest.""

And then when you rightfully add the word or title 'Lord' (Kurio) in Greek before Jesus Christ, making his proper name the
LORD JESUS CHRIST, his full name then adds up to 3168. And you have further confirmation of His creative ability to
make the Earth correspond to his Name, correspond even to His birthplace at exactly 31.68 degrees.

This is not by accident, for there are No accidents with the Lord if we choose to understand Him. And the more your mind
and heart connects up his truths together into unity, the more the Lord of Lords can. Inspire your mind with his amazing
balance, consistency, and exactness in every field of science. In this way, you can give the Creator of all Truth, the real
praise and respect due to His Name, for every knee shall bow to Him for even the sun, moon and stars are subservient to

This is why, we can say with power the NAME of JESUS.

In His Service


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