David Jay Jordan's

             Lord's Temple, Architecture, and Sacred Sex

 Sacred Architecture was always meant to be more than just a building or a temple but spiritual principles illustrated in a
physical structure. Thus an ARCHway or entranceway into a holy temple was and still is considered sacred, in stepping
from the mundane physical world into the 'divine spiritual' world. This is why many temples, churches, or mosques used
a half  'vesica pisces' as their arch's in their architecture. The shape of two intersecting circles, which produced all shapes,
was not only symbolic of female genitalia but also as the gateway into another dimension of birth. For it is from here that
all births come through whether spiritual or physical. And it this entranceway or canal that leads to the sacred interior
and the womb of creation.

 This is exactly the same principle as illustrated in the Template of all templates, the Holy Tabernacle as designed by the
Lord himself. He gave exact measurements and patterns to Moses, to be followed exactly according to His exact
blueprints for his movable Temple in the wilderness. And this pattern was followed precisely in the 1st and 2nd static
Temples built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, so as to retain the exact same proportions and power as the original

 Matter of fact, the Lord even had the Temple aligned facing eastward so that the Son's rising in the East could penetrate
the opened doors of the Holy Place and shine towards the Veil and symbolically into the darkened Holy of Holies in the
West. This sexual truth where light (masculine) penetrates the darkness (feminine) and gives birth to life could hardly be
better illustrated physically which is why true Christian churches tend to similarly align themselves with the altar in the
West and the main entrance in the East, if possible. This is also why Jesus came into the Temple grounds from the
eastern Gate and will do this once again, (even though it has been sealed) in his true Millennial Re-Entry into His temple
Mount, to reclaim His Bride, His Temple.

 Yet the temple is only a shadow of the true, to remind the Lord's worshippers of His Eternal truths, for the true temple
of God is His Body and we are made in His 'Divine Image'. This is why the disciples wrote to the undiscerning 'Know ye
Not that ye are the Temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you (if they had received the
Holy Spirit of
God)'. For as the great prophet Isaiah said¦.'What house will ye build the Lord, for His hands has made all these things.'
(Isaiah 66: 1-2) But we are his Temple made without hands, designed in his holy divine image.

 We are the real Temple of God and he dwells in our praises from the heart. We are the stars of Heaven, for literally we
are designed exactly after the pentagonal star with ratios exactly matching the 'golden section' (See
Golden Section and our
Bodies class). And this is not by chance but again by design to conform to his 'Holy Body'. For we didn't shape
ourselves, and our mothers only were the vessels from which we came, and we definitely are NOT products of Evolution
and chance. For again if you study the beauty of the 'golden section' ratio you discover it stems from reproduction of
mature individuals and the raising of offspring to maturity until each new generation expands by 1.618 For again when we
are combined together as One, we actually become Pillars in His temple (Rev 3:12) as the angel said to John. In other
words, we are the Pillars of Faith, our spiritual faith is our strength.

And it all stems from the Holy of Holies, the magical cube of 10 cubits by 10c. by 10 c. This is the Center of creativity,
the womb of the Universe, because it symbolizes God's Spirit over His Law and over His ARK in the darkened and
veiled Holy of Holies. Why, because His Spirit, needs not any physical light because His Words (DNA) are all that is
needed to bring the Law to life, and the staff of life into budding. (See
Shepherd's Rod). His Holy of Holies doubles itself,
just as biologically our cells replicate themselves, and becomes the Holy Place exactly twice the size of the inner shrine.
And all life proceeds from there, through the portal of his Two pillars, Joachim and Boaz, male and female.

And it's all sexual, because our Creator who is called
JESUS, designed His Temple and us, to be NOT stagnant and
sterile but reproducing, and NOT dead and dying but alive and living.  (SEE  
Lord's Temple is Human and Sexual) And
when He brings down His ultimate Temple,
New Jerusalem, from the heavenlies, we will be part of it.

Isn't His Temple amazing ?

In His Service

David Jay Jordan