David Jay Jordan's

                             Heart and Voice Link

All our emotions carry electronic signatures, so that scientists can now monitor what type of emotions we are
having at any given moment. It's been shown that our EKG (or electrical patterns of our heart) follow or
correlate to our voice harmonics. And similarly it is known from other studies, that it can be proven that every
emotion has a distinct electrical signature. These can all be monitored and noted electronically, And because of
this, it can be shown whether or not a person has real love, powerful LOVE or Not.

Because the geometric pattern that is formed by real love, God's love is a PHI or
Golden Section Spiral. You
can't fake this exact spiral, either you have the real love it takes or you don't. This exact phi-spiral is
NON-destructive but compressible and sharable and creates perfect implosion and embediability according to the
laws of electrical waves. This love has POWER because with Phi based geometry, size doesn't matter and
velocities can exceed the speed of light (meaning you enter the spiritual demension beyond time. ..See
and the Speed of Light ).

This is why it is stated "Only LOVE BENDS THE LIGHT < therefore ONLY LOVE CREATES"
(http://www.danwinter.com/selfsimilarity/index.htm. Page 4 of 8) In other words the only force able to bend
light into matter is love and we all should have realized this if we are true Christians because only God who is
LOVE can make matter through his creative process. He is the ultimate gravity, the ultimate Creator that can be
in a single point of infinite mass as well as include all mass and all energy in all Universes.

Nothing can take away from His POWER. But the significance of showing scientifically that a voice's harmonics
and electrical patterns relating to PHI, connecting up to the Phi dynamics of the heart, means that this
multiplication effect of true powerful heart rthyms gives true sound vibrations means OUR WORDS are ".
important and can LITERRALLY carry power if we are aligned to the LORD.

This is why, when we say something in the Name of the Lord', it isn't just words, but vibrations that are
phi-dynamic if we have true love or phi-dynamics from the heart. This is the PHYSICS behind why are words
can have the power of the LORD and why they can effect the natural world which is also phi-based via the
Lord's original design. Our voices and our vibrations from the depths of our heart have power if we have real
concern, real, love no matter what amplitude for by geometry itself they can be magnified if in tune with the
Lord's harmonics.

This is why, you can't fake real love and why some people can tell if other people are sincere not by their
words, but just by the tone or harmonics in their voice. Yet if someone gets the words and the heart right, there
is no limit to what mountains can be moved literally by those that truly KNOW the Lord and truly KNOW
what is in His WILL.

For in this way, we can literally "command ye me (meaning the Lord) concerning the works of His Hands (His
Creation), things concerning his sons and daughters, and concerning the things to come (SEE
Prophesying is
commanding). ...(Isaiah 45: 11) and in this way we can absolutely have the faith to do 'great and mighty things' as
well as '
Exploits' (Jeremiah 33:3 0  Dan. 11 )

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