Dreams and Visions
The Face of Jesus Vision
Throne of God and River of Life
Silver Bullet and Dancing Bread
Missiles over New York.
And it shall come to pass in the Last days saith the Lord
that I shall pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons
and  daughters shall prophesy, and your young men  shall
see VISIONS and your old men shall dream DREAMS.
                                                              Joel 2:28
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John, the Revelator, praying on the Isle of Patmos
Art by Pat Marvenko Smith, Copyrighted
The Spirits and the Haunted House
Flowers on the Vine Bridge
The Lord and the Orchard
The Crystal and Three Star Alignment
   Dangerous 'White' Ship                  
 Stream of Gold                  
 Morphine Doctor in Hell                   
Wounded Angels                    
Hawaii Earthquake & Mid-East Serpent
I met an Angel
Seeing Jesus prevents Suicide
Dark-eyed Brethren
    Organization of the Temple                   
     Angel starts the End Times                  
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