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Seek and ye shall find
Knock and the door shall be opened
Ask and ye shall be given
For there is Nothing hid
that shall not be REVEALED

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Shroud of Turin Forgery
Golden Section and Human Body
UFO's, and New World Order
6,000 years of Earth's History
Mechanism for Shape Shifting
Power of Hair
Holy Grail, King Arthur and Templars
Heart and Voice Link
Pulsating Imploding Light
Hollow Earth.
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Lock Ness .... Dinosaurs
Atlantis, Mu and the Flood
We are Magicians
Walking on Water, All things obey
Crop Circles and Flying Demons
Whispering Crystaline Skulls
Faith can move Literal Mountains
Yahweh's Numbers and Breastplate
Creation in 24 hour Days
Travel at the Speed of thought
Physics of Falling in Love
Mystery Schools
Cursing, Judgment and Magic
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Faith Healing
Earth is the Center of Universe
Messianic Story written in the Stars
Hexagram and Star of David
Sphinx, Cheribums, and the Stars
Our Brains and Giza Connections
Magic Ratios of Giza and Earth
Giza Sacrophagus & Ark of Covenant
New Jerusalem is Crystal Pyramid
Teleporting Secret
Bethlehem's Latitude, & Jesus
Einstein, Creation & the Creator
Who made the Earth Distances
Aliens and Demons
Spiritual Bodies
Evolution is a Scientific LIE
Flying Witches
Giza-London-New Jerusalem Phi Connection
Walking on Water
  Christian Magick
Noah's Ark  &the Worldwide Flood
Phi-Pyramid Projection of the Stars
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From TOPIX Debate Forum

Evolution is an ANCIENT RELIGION       
Hawaiian Volcanic Eruptions and Prophetic Cataclysmic Events
Evolutionist theory helps create man made Diseases       
Ghosts, and Spirits are possible because invisibility
Invisibility is Scientific... the spirit world      
Ring of Fire Volcanoes explained Biblically
The Green Revolution of False Science has failed
Darwin admits Catastrophic Events.. like the Worldwide Flood