Noah's Ark was real and was the vessel the Lord used to save mankind from His First Worldwide Flood. But it was much more than
that, as it is the archetype and parallel to the upcoming Second Flood of evil men in the End Time. Consequently understanding its
timing and symbolism is very important in understanding our future PROPHECY.  For as in the days (or years) of Noah, so also
shall the coming of the Son of Man be.... Mathew 24.

In doing this, you will have to study the first ARK, the  LORD'S ARK of the Covenant which had His Creative all-powerful
SPIRIT or Rauch overshadowing and enlightening. This inside the Holy of Holies, or Womb of Creation according to Sacred
Architecture. For it is with this same ARK of the Covenant that we shall be protected by in our Second Exodus to the Promised
Land of Petra.For we shall have the ARK of the Covenant just as Noah had his floating ARK.

Then understand through study and research, how our women are the physical manifestation of the ARK and the true vessel of life
that brings on NEW LIFE. Our womens cycles being reflected in prophecy and even in the duration to newlife as was Noah's ARK
and his eventual rebirth on Mount Ararat.

So take the journey and connect up these facts of Biblical and World History and Human Biology explore and how it fits in
perfectly with Creation, the Lord's Mathematics, Timing, and Prophecy. You won't find these articles anywhere else, although the
historical facts about Noah's ARK being true history is easy to find in books or on the internet. besides the Lord confirmed that
Noah was true, and his ARK was true. Onward Christian Soldiers.
David Jay Jordan
Noah's Ark
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The evidenceis overwhelming in showing that the Biblical History of Genesis is correct and accurate, and that
there was a worldwide flood. This first Flood of water foreshadowing the greater Flood of ungodly men in the
End Times. It can be seen and understood because of the Lord's timelines above, and the similarities between the
design of the greatest CREATION, woman and her womb, and the design of the Tabernacle and Holy of Holies
contaning the ARK of the Covenant, as well as the King's Chamber of the Lord's Pyramid at Giza and its
Sacrophagus..... all relating back to the Life giving power that gave new life on EARTH .... Noah's ARK.

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