David Jay Jordan's

   The Earth is the Center
          of the Universe

            (Red Light Shift)

If you didn't know it, the Earth is the Center of the Universe. It is written in the colors of the stars. The
stars and their galaxies give off a red light shift away from their natural color because they are almost
all moving away from the Earth. So no matter where a telescope looks in the uniform sky, they find
galaxies moving away from us. How could this be? Well, it's simply because the Lord created the Earth
and our Sun and all the stars (other suns) using the Earth as the Center of Creation. From this central
hub, the galaxies are moving away, causing a red light shift. For even in their theory of creation called
the Big Bang Theory, a central explosion, had to occur somewhere, and the logical rational center has to
be the EARTH and our Solar System in our Milky Way. The dstances between our planets, and the Sun
and Moon and ratio's all indicate an exact placement by the Hand of the Creator.

When you also check out the Scriptures of the Creator, youll note that the Earth is NOT just another
planet among the billions of planets the Lord has made. It was here, and not in some far-flung galaxy,
where the Lord of All Creation was born and crucified. It is here that the Lord of Lords brings down his
ETERNAL CITY, New Jerusalem. There is no other Savior in the Universe--only Jesus.

We are not situated on just a planet in the sand of the seashores of all heavenly bodies; we are on the
Earth which is the center of the whole Universe. This is what the WORD says and what science proves.

Therefore dont let any lame-brained scientist tell you there are civilizations (intelligent life) outside
our Creator's realm, which is absolutely insane spiritually and physically. There is no evidence to
support this, as there are no aliens or alien worlds to the Lord. For there is no other God except our God,
and He created both the microcosm as well as the macrocosm. Nothing is too hard for Him, because there
was nothing before Him; He created everything. (See
Jesus is the Creator.)

So dont believe the lunacy that there are other gods on other planets. The Lord surely has life
elsewhere, but there is only One of Him, as He is unique and the One and only Creator. Sure, the
spiritual angels and devils travel through the stars. And, sure, the Devils bad angels are known as aliens
here; and they shall be revealed in their time to all. And, sure, they wont be called demons, but
"superior life forms, here to bring us peace and a new culture." But dont believe them and those that fall
for them. Yet, if you want their "salvation" into hell, the choice is yours. (See
Alien Invasion.)

But as for me and my house, we will choose the Lord of all Creation, because He will put all things
under His dominion. And He will use His New Jerusalem and New Earth as His Center of the Universe
in the future, just as He used the Earth in the beginning.  For He is the Alpha and the Omega, the
beginning and ending, and there is no other God or gods except Him.

Love in the Only Creator,

David Jay Jordan

(See also
Messianic Story written in the Stars, because the stars were placed there originally in the
Creative Week as a set grouping to illustrate the story of Jesus. Not for the just a earth, but for THE
EARTH, as a reminder of His TRUTHS for all TIME.
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