3168, Mind and Jesus
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The following article and math was sent in by Win (from Florida). Iit confirms what we were talking about
Faith, Commom Sense and the Mind. Why,because we are suppose to use our God given and created
minds to show that it is LOGICAL, and RATIONAL, and shows REASON to believe in the Creator..JESUS. We
do not have to go by blind faith, but the Lord has given immense amounts of evidence to ground our faith in the real
and scientific world.

Come on ALL, let's use our minds and  LOGIC and REASON to understand His WORD and His MATH.


                                                       BELIEVE IN 3168

3168 was honored by the early Christians as a sacred number They did
understand and have insights into the alphanumeric significance of
Greek and the Hebrew languages in connection with the Creative Word,
Who was the Creator of Everything.

The Word (Number) became Flesh (Space-Time).

In the beginning was the Logic and the Logic was with God, and the
Logic was God. The Logic, the Computation, the Measure, the Ratio,
the Proportion, the Reason, the Formula.... All these words are all
accurate translations of the word Logos...

The ancient science overview of gematria numbers reveals the
allegorical continuing reappearance of this very selfsame number.
The most repetitive being --- 3168.
In Gematria, 3168 equals Lord Jesus Christ, Kurios Isesous Xristos,
the Originator-Generator of all Standard Measure: the Linear, Liquid
and Dry measurments.. Numbers are words....

The measurements of 31,680 inches equals one half mile; and, 31,680
feet equal six miles.
There are also 3,168.0 furlongs in the Earth's radius and 31,680 feet
in the perimeter, (all 4 sides), of Ezekiel's City. Ezekiel 45: 1....
and, 48:8.....
And, 31.68 feet equals 18 Great Cubits and 31.68 feet equals 3 reeds.
Stonehenge Occurences: 316.8 feet circumference of the mean Sarsen
Circle.. And, 316.8 feet perimeter of a square drawn on the Bluestone
So, 3168 is related to feet and miles, our common measurements, the
distance of the Earth's radius, Stonehenge, and the Perimeter
measurement of the Millenial City.

Water solidifies at 31.680 F degrees.. The number where solid becomes
liquid, where liquid becomes solid, where ice becomes water. The
vantage point where hot becomes cold and cold becomes hot... This
temperature change is at his crosspoint,  encoded in the number

The Logos, the Ratio (pi and phi), the Number is found in the pivotal
point of the temperature measurement of WATER....

3168 divided by 5 equals 6336, the number of inches in a classical
yard, containing 3 cubits of 1.76 feet. With this number: 1.76 feet
multiplied by 3 equals a yard of 5.28 feet. This is also the number
of feet in a statute mile times 100: 5,280 feet...
The place of the Messiah's birth was specifically mentioned as
Bethlehem, which must have also been perfectly situated, for its
latitude is 31.68 degrees. (SEE
Bethlehem, 3168 and Jesus)
Nothing the Creator does is by chance, but
according to His perfect plan.

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