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                              3168 and the Fiegerbaum Constant

The Name LORD JESUS CHRIST in Greek adds up to 3168, according to the summation of the numeric
values of all its letters. And by design, Jesus was also born in Bethlehem at 31.68 degrees North Latitude.
And when you add up the distances of the 'Squared Circle of the Earth', they total 31680 miles. Is this
coincidence ? ... Absolutely Not. For even His Heavenly City relates to Jesus's Divine 3168.

               Revelation  21:2
                            And I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming
                            down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride
                            adorned for her husband.
                Rev 21:16
                            And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large
                            as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed,
                            twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth
                            and the height of it are equal.

  And because a furlong is 660 feet, then 12,000 of them are 7,920,000 feet on each side of the foursquare
phi pyramid, making the Heavenly Circumference four times that or 31,680,000 feet.  For within the
Heavenly City is peace and order and harmony and yet without such is not the case.... but let's go further
into this mathematical design and template of the Lord by co-relating the newly discovered Fiegerbaum
Constant which has been found to be the boundary between chaos and order. And you guessed it, Jesus is
the one that brings order out of chaos, and sets the boundary of within and without with His twelve gates,
even as His Crystal Pyramid is perfectly ordered..

So if mathematically inclined consider Jerry Iuliano's posting below, which I post by his permission
...even though I don't understand all his mathematics, yet can see the basic connection of 3168 and Jesus
and His Creation, even if I don't know all the physics. So see if you can catch the following. My
comments and hyperlinks are in ..... ( .. ).

"3168 has always been associated to Jesus, as early Christians knew so well.   At least three Christian
symbols have appeared; two of them indirectly. Several years ago, the
Christian "Fish" appeared as crop
Dowsing within Winterbourne Stoke, the "Swastika" circle of 1989,  revealed the basic design
of the "New Jerusalem" plan based on St. John's vision in Revelation. The total of the square footage of
the circles in the Barbury Castle formation of 1991 was 31,680 feet, a number associated with the distance
around the New Jerusalem. (SEE
Crop Circles) One tenth of that number is 3,168 which was associated
with Lord Jesus Christ by the early Christians"

The number 3168 is related to the Feigenbaum constant through Beta(.37):in radians

( tan^-1 [31680/(37^2)]) + Pi = 4.669202465
K= cos 1/a(em)=[31680/(37^2)]^(-1/Pi)
a(em) = 1/137.03600636
K = collective unconscious

FEIGENBAUM CONSTANT = 4.669201609...rule of order in chaotic systems
F= 4.6692043132.....tan in radians
100/[(tan F).........................^ (1/Pi)] = 36.7872976 = K

GOLDEN MEAN = 1.618033989...rule of order in living forms systems
Phi = 1.618033989 = (1+sqrt5)/2...COS^-1 in degrees
[COS^-1[((sqrt 5 -1)/4)*1152]........^ (1/Pi) = 36.7872976 = K
1.152 =Egyptian tropical foot

FINE-STRUCTURE CONSTANT = a(em) =amplitude for an electron-photon
exchange, rule of proton-electron interactions.
a(em) = 1/137.036000986...cos in radians
(cos 1/(a(em))*100.................................= 36.7872976 = K

COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS = 82944 = (288^2)...rule of brain/nervous/
Prof. Leahy =(82944 logic) and Sephira Malkuth=(288 sparks -intoto)
82944................................... ^ (1/Pi) = 36.7872976 = K

COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS: Egyptian form, Cheops pyramid, Beta=.37
height = 486.256005976 feet = ht
base leg = 763.81 feet = bl...cos in radians
[cos [(10^(2*ht/bl))/(.37^2)]] * 100........= 36.7872976 = K

                                                      (For Jerry's other correlating Equations of Life
Theory of Everything Equations)

So again, I would conclude that it is rational and reasonable and mathematical to believe that the
Lord of
Lords created Numbers
and made them co-relate to Himself as He is the ONE from which all things have
come. Don't you agree ?

In His Mathematical Service

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