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We are the most highly technologically advanced system that ever can be designed or made or created. (SEE High Tech Human
Body) No technology is greater than us, and yet the dark side is using man made technology against our Earth and against their
enemies so they can get in FULL POWER. SEE
Stolen Knowledge)  For now it is focused on worldly governments and for
worldly gains, but when they gain sole rule of the Earth, then these technologies of wrath shall be turned against us.

So when `war is declared against us' (Revelation 13), will the Lord just super-naturally defend us time after time from the
onslaughts of the AC. But how does the Lord help us when we are fleeing from the A.C. (SEE
Crossing the Jordan) The Lord
says, He will open up the Earth and swallow the floods, like the Earth opened up the Red Sea for Moses, and openned up the
Jordan for Joshua. It says,
The Earth shall literally help us. So read it crefully and consider that it is interpreted literally not
figuratively. But will it happen automatically or must we PRAY for it. The answer is obvious, we must do our part and

 Guns and weapons, won't be of much use, (SEE
The weapons of our warfare) But the weapons of our warfare are
SPIRITUAL and unseen, and have to involve using our sacredly designed and powerful bodies to project our energy. For
nothing is stronger than love, as nothing is stronger than the Lord, as HE IS LOVE.

But if the dark side has electromagnetic weapons using the Earth's atmosphere and electromagnetic energy to cause
Earthquakes where it is advantageous for them, and yet without regard to human life, are we not suppose to counter this
deviate use of the Lord's Earth and Science. Are we not suppose to be wiser than serpents and yet harmless as doves ? and be
able to perform the same MAGICK and miracle through our prayers ? Are we not suppose to use what the Lord has created
and use His KNOWLEDGE and SCIENCE to defend ourselves ? It says our
FAITH can move Mountains, and so this means
literally physically move earth plates if necessary to counter what the NWO's is attempting to do. We do it in defense whereas
they use the Lord's power for offense and destruction and the genocide of the earth's populations.

We have the cloud above us during the day, and a pillar of fire protecting us at night, (
Joel 2) but won't we also have a shield
around us to prevent military planes from bombing us, and missiles from hitting us. (SEE and study
Lord's Encampment) But
will we just be surviving in Petra, in our wilderness home provided by the Lord, or shall we be responsible for its defense to
keep bringing down destructions on our enemies who have decalred war on us. (SEE
Revelation Trumpets sounded by our Two

So consider for a moment, that our
LOVE FEASTS or COMMUNIONS of remembrances to HIM, will be necessary and
needed to keep us strong. BY thanksgiving and praise and our projected love to HIM, we strengthen ourselves in HIM, and it
is our spiritual strength and FAITH ONLY that will keep us going and surviving and shielded ? Right ? Then Communion or
our loving and dancing and praising to HIM is not low class and base and carnal, but spiritual and HIGH TECH and NEEDED.

O.K. then maybe that is why we are instructed to circle clockwise around the altar, THREE TIMES. (SEE  
Walls of Jericho
came down )

Well Tesla earthquake technology used the Resonant Frequency of what was to be shaken and in earthquake weapons that
meant the Earth, so if the
Earth's Resonant Frequency of 7.8 hertz was set by the Lord (According to the `Speed of Light' or
lightning around the sacred circumference distance of the Earth. SEE
Magic Ratio's ) then when it is beneath our feet and we are
connected to the Earth, THEN if we circle with our
GOLDEN SECTIONED Bodies or stars, three times around, this means
7.8 times 1.618 times 1.618 times 1.618 brings our ceremony up to
33 Hertz or the resonant frequency of quartz crystal. This
is why it is called Christ conscious frequency. It's the frequency of matter into spirit (or electricity) or spirit (or electricity)
into matter. (SEE also
3 Spirals to 33)

This is the piezoelectric principle that Tesla used to take energy out of clouds (to produce rain) or into clouds (to produce
drought). He just reversed the field of projection and it reversed whether or not energy was absorbed or dissipated. (SEE
Energy ) This the same thing worldly NWO technology is doing in creating Earthquakes. It's a more demonic way of changing
weather, but this time selecting fault lines and specific areas in which to cause more pressure. This pressure has to be released
through plate shifting causing an `earthquake'. This is why, many times in a man made induced earthquake, there is a cold cloud
that develops right afterwards. WHY, because energy was removed., creating a cold cloud.

But in the compressive mode, a compression of two triangles that create the hexagonal shape of a crystal causes a gap of
potential which causes a spark of electricity. (SEE
Sexy Star of David) It is called in physical terms `lovemaking.' The two
triangles being male and female, when joined together or compressing causing an electrical gap or spark or orgasm that can be
directed by our WILL or better yet His WILL. (SEE
Seven Ways to Know God's Will)

This is what they were doing at perverse Montauk, directing time travel through the orgasmic will of those participating. So
would a real love feast with positive loving energy not help protect us and keep us shielded from the negative forces of man
and his made-made weapons. I would say YES. For by our ceremonies in the wilderness, we shall be electronicaly or
electromagnetically creating a phi crystal, or two interlocking triangles that can create piezeo-electricity, and then project our
power via its geometry of lovemaking movement. (SEE and study
Crystal Design and PHI and Projection of Phi Pyramid )

There can be nothing stronger than love, and we are to be stronger and wiser than the church of war and the state of war and
the one world government that eventually will oppose us. Not now, but in the near future, we shall have to have the power to
do exploits and counter the
A.C world.

Onward Christian Soldiers for the 'Banner over us is LOVE'.



January 2010
Tesla Lovemaking Earthquakes