David Jay Jordan's

                                               Free Energy,
                                      Perpetual Motion Machines
                                           and Space Travel

  The problem with man's inventions and machines is that they pollute and cost an arm and a leg to run so that
those that own the resources can enslave those that don't. Their dams stop the free flow of water, their coal
mines destroy the land and the air, and their nuclear plants are dangerous as hell and the toxic wastes are almost
impossible to get rid of.

  But does the Lord have a better plan and a better supply system. Of course He does !!! For in the future
when He's in control there won't be those dam wires obstructing our views of His divinely created Creation.
The energy will come from our surroundings as His Spirit is all the energy we need and its all-powerful. I mean
there isn't even any need for light in his huge New Jerusalem city as He is the 'light thereof'. (Revelations 21).

   His Spirit, His Energy 's mass-less, and pervades all realms and even exists in a total vacuum.  Hence, in
outer space where there was supposedly nothing, there is actually the Lord's Spirit which can empower us just
as here on Earth. In the scientific study of orgonomy, this energy is called orgone, but others have labeled it
libido, the harmonic field, chi, the life force, etc. etc. but none of them invented but merely discovered its
existence, for as we know the Lord's Spirit and energy has always been since the beginning, even before the

  So what does this all mean, well it means that there is free energy available for usage which means anti-gravity
machines are possible and probably already functioning in the military secret fields of America and elsewhere.
Rocket fuel or plane fuel isn't needed and doesn't need to be the limiting value that now restricts vehicles in
their travels nor capabilities. So with this newly discovered propulsion space travel is even possible, so that
again the weight of the fuel and the miniscule speeds we have reached using carbon fuel is a thing of the past.
But of course, the Lord won't let us, use this power until our hearts are right. therefore man will never harass
the Lord's energy, without the Lord's permission.

  For as we know the problem  is man. Right now, he fights wars for oil, and money which translates into
power over the weak and the POWERless. He doesn't really want free power to be given to the poor and the
weak and hence wants to control POWER even the literal oil and electricity power, just as he does the other
resources of the Lord's Earth for his own perfidious causes. He doesn't want pertpetual motion machines to
harass power because it would ruin his whole plan of domination. (See postings on Wilhelm Reich) This is
why, they banned the study of orgonomy in the past and why sexual accumulators or orgone accumulators
were banned from existence. I mean when the Lord's power can heal through his life force, then again it
destroys the whole world drug trade called man's medicine. the drug companies of this world called soccerers in
Revelations, don't want free healing and mass healing as that would take away from their power and profits and
domination over the poor and the diseased. So they ban Faith Healing, and ban Orgonomies elementary
attempts at healing. Why, because it takes away from their money making industry that keeps people just alive
enough to keep paying for their existence.

  Nevertheless we shall be able to the literally harass the Lord's Spirit and even more so in the future as we
learn to control ourselves and use our God-given abilities in His God-created Divine body which is His vehicle
for our transportation. (See
Made in His Image - Sex is Divine    Secret of Teleportation) if you are ready to
travel in His Spirit with His Power, rest assured it is possible and it is scientific and it can happen if you

In my Scientific Opinion, because there is FREE ENERGY, its called the Lord's POWER, and all we have to do
is ask for it  .... and it starts with


David Jay Jordan