David Jay Jordan's

Stolen Information, Inventions and Creativity

Man in his pride, seems to think that he in his mind has created a whole new "High Technology" that will
elevate him to some new 'god' like status. He believes he is creating new inventions and new technologies that
will deliver him from his own destructions.

 But wait a minute, this is in direct contradiction to the Eternal Biblical principle that "There is no new thing
under the Sun". Because the two can't be simultaneously true, one has to be a lie and the other truthful.

 So let's to get a few things straight to start with to find out the truth. For what is the explosion of knowledge
right now anyway, except the revealing of eternal laws and truths and principles that have always been. There
is no new physical or spiritual laws that are being created only the discovery of what has already existed from
the Creation of the Universes. No new invention creates any new laws., they only use what has already been

Does man create matter? Well Yes, he does for micron seconds. His elements beyond the Lord's 92, do exist in
a flash of an eyelid and less, until they disintegrate. But nothing man creates lasts. This is why he is just a re-
combiner of life and the materials of life. But he is not the

Does he create life in a test tube? Yes but No,…..because he just takes living matter, or a living egg and a
living sperm and mates them artifically into life. Only the Lord of Lords and King of Kings has ever created
LIFE. For He  (Jesus) even said, "I am the way, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. (John 14:6). Man only
recombines life and alters what has already been created. And usually it will turn into disaster. For is this not
what cloning is also about? Isn't man just taking living cells and replicated them in their earlier embryonic
stages as to try and form a new life from the old?

Man can't create life, as any married couple knows. All they do is pass on the life they have been given
through sexual reproduction and recombination of their seed or DNA. Nothing has evolved because all things
were designed to be harmonic from the start.(SEE
Creation versus Evolution Board)

I mean where did the knowledge come from originally. Did mankind think it up, or did it come from the Spirit
World. You guessed it, for if you read Genesis 6, the evil angels that mated with the daughters of men, didn't
think up their knowledge but got it from the Lord's spirit world which was created by the Lord. These evil
angels just twisted these truths for their own evil ends which brought on more pain and suffering to mankind.

For instead of using knowledge for good, these evil entities used the knowledge for evil and for warfare. For if
you even look around today most of man's greatest technologies are again being used for the development of
warfare or for the collection of material wealth for a few rather than the majority.

There has been no new created laws by man, he has had no real new inventions? I mean I got a patent for a
'floating flyhook' but was it really an invention? No. I just used the laws that were already there. I didn't create
the fish, or the water, or the physical laws that made the hook's motion attractive to the fish, the Lord did. I
just used the Creations of the Lord and the created LAWS of the Law for the worthy purpose of tricking the

So there is no new invention under the Sun after all, as the wisest man in the world noted (King Solomon).  
For even computers which are advancing the new technology didn't create itself but was only possible because
of the absolutely amazing properties of crystals involved in storing data via its memory resonance. Man didn't
create the crystalline shape or properties of the crystals. He is just using them for his own purposes. The
Lord knows all about crystals and memory, and computers, He has every word and every action on His
database from the very beginning. There is no knowledge, he is unaware of. He knows it ALL, and has heard
every lie as well, from the creator of lies, Satan. And the only time the devil says any truth is to give credence
to his up-coming lie.

The Devil only steals the Lord's truths and knowledge in an attempt to give credence to his Lies,  for he is the
father of lies and was such from the very beginning. For if you study the truth (which comes from the Lord
and from a healthy fear of the Lord), you start to realize that any real truth is an eternal truth that is timeless,
and not merely temporal. And so once again, you'd have to admit that All truths have always been true and
always existed in the Spiritual Plane even if we are just discovering them personally ourselves.

For he that seeketh findeth and he that asketh truth from the truthgiver (Jesus) shall be given the truth. And
what is truth .......

In His Service

David Jay Jordan