Diameter Circle  3.14 x 10080 = 31680
Diameter Square       4 x 7920 = 31680
3960/5040 = 1.272
Earth Square
Red Phi Pyramid
1.618^2 = 1.272^2 + 1^2
                                        Sacred Geometry of the Squared Circle

'Sacred Geometry' is simply the geometry used by the Creator in making all things. It is how the Lord expanded One into Many,
because all created matter and shapes came from His Source or Point. It is integrated knowledge because it involves all fields of
science, and integrates them together as one, because all forces and all laws and all matter came from Him. So instead of segregating
wisdom into unconnected parts, it graphically shows templates and the numbers of creation, and combines truths so they make
sense. These all pointing back to 'Design' rather than chaos and luck and chance.

The 'Squared Circle' is a basic because it has been called the way, the Lord went from static geometry to living geometry, from the
straight lines of a square to the rounded lines and curves of living creations. One dimension being a point, two dimensions being a
line, three dimensions being geometric figures like a square. And esoterically speaking, it is said when He breathes life into this
Square, just like he breathed life into Adam, it becomes alive with His breath and produced a Circle.
And seeing the square has not changed but just had its sides blown outward into the perfectly symetric circle, all points on the
circumference being equidistant from the 'Center' (Him), then its circumference is equal to the distance around the square. The two
distances are equal. For even doing the Math, the square has a circumference of four times one of its sides, while the circle's
circumference is Pi times D, D being its diameter.

Aha ... Now you have a square and circle that are equal in length, and this is called the squared circle or if you like a circle squared.
And it is this relationship that the famous Leonardo DaVinci drew, in his 'Vitrium Graphics' (below)  Why, because it showed this
esoteric knowledge he learned via his 'Mystery school' and how the squared circle connects
up to us, mankind. Therefore DaVinci placed the
naked man and his divine proportions within the
squared circle. For we were and are the greatest
creation of the Lord as He used this geometry in
making us 'In His Image'. But we'll get to that later,
but for now, notice from His drawing that, his circle
and square don't share the same center point but he
has his square and circle resting on the same floor as
the man.

So now let's see what the ratio between the diameter
of the circle is  with the side of the square. You can
measure it and no matter what the original distances
you started with, the ratio of the longer diameter to the
shorter side  will come out to 1.272. Strange number
and not significant you might think. But not so, as this is
the square root of 'Phi', also known as the 'Golden Section'.

Whoa, you should be saying, 'Not so fast' , what is the
Golden Section and this mysterious 'Phi'? Well simply put it is the "Template of creation' that is literally the most beautiful
proportion there is. And it is with this square root 1.272 when multiplied by itself makes PHI, or 1.618. But to better explain it
more fully, if interested go to the 'Class on the Golden Section'  So its this beautiful expansion of a mating population that
approximates to 1.618 with each new generation, and this geometry is literally involved with the Lord's Five pointed Star called a
Pentagram.  Whoa, again maybe too many concepts for you, so let's go over this graphically again, for a picture or a ratio like Phi is
worth a thousand words. Notice below, as we square the Earth's Circle whose dimensions are not by chance but by design. It's in
green, whereas the red inner triangle is a  phi template for both Giza and New Jerusalem. Do you see it yet ?  If not SEE the Three
Graphics of Phi which also shows how our bodies are designed according to the 'Template of Life.'
Notice the Circumference again ...31680, but wait a minute, 3168 is the alpha-numeric number of the Name LORD
JESUS CHRIST in Greek. And 31.68 , by design and destiny  is also the Latitude at which Jesus was born. And to top it
off it is the addition of the stones on the Aaron's Priest's Breastplate. And if that isn't enough to convince you, 31.68 is
the boundary between chaos and order, because Jesus brings order out of chaos at his perfectly squared circle of 3168.
SEE (Fiegerbaum Constant and 3168).

And so now you know how to square the circle, and why it's important and who the Creator is ...

David Jay Jordan

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