David Jay Jordan's

                             Sexy Star of David

In an attempt to show the wavering that God's gift of sex is not
'evil' but an integral part of His Design, a consideration and under-
standing of the sexy "STAR OF DAVID' would be helpful. It's also
called the 'Seal of Solomon', and is composed of two equilateral tri-
angles that form a six sided star. This symbol was adopted by nationalistic political Israel in the  late
1800's to represent them but actually derived from what the Lord told King David almost three thousand years
ago. (SEE also
Star of David SEAL)

The triangles taken by themselves are exactly the same (See
Equality of the Sexes) and each is an extension of the
ineffable Name of the Lord of Lords, YHWH, sometimes called Jehovah. In simple terms, this great triangle, top
to bottom, right to left unfolds the Y, or Yod, or number 10, to Yod-He, to Yod-He-Vau, to Yod-He-Vau-He
(YHWH) or Yahweh. In the alphanumeric sacred language of Hebrew, this corresponds to 10+15+21+26 equals
Magic Ratio's)

The upward pointing triangle obviously sexually represents the male element, whereas the downward pointing
triangle graphically represents the female. And together when layed on top of each other or in union and
intertwined as in the Star of David configuration, they add up to the significant number 72+72+ 1444, or 12 times
12 (tribes), which correlates to the Bride of Christ as mentioned by Jesus in His

Iin Hebrew terms, the completion of the Holy Name follows from Yod, the Father (masculine)..He, the Mother
Holy Spirit. - feminine).. Vau, the Son (Jesus - masculine).. and the final He is the Bride of the Bridegroom.
(feminine) So from the very beginning it has been God's plan to both plant and have his righteous seed reproduce
to fill not only the Earth but the soon to come New Jerusalem, His Heavenly City. He started with the original
couple, Adam and Eve, created on the sixth literal day and from then on they were to follow the 1st physical and
spiritual commandment to "be fruitful and multiply" (Genesis). And as we know, they weren't taught how to do
it, but it came naturally and instinctively from their God-given hormones and divinely designed equipment. They
merely obeyed the Lord and as others have noted in the scriptures his commandments are not grievous.

Yet even after the bad seed killed the good seed, Adam and Eve reproduced and did their multiplication math once
again creating a righteous seed, until it got established thru maturity and then reproduced again from generation to
generation. This was the basis of the ancient riddle, the solution of which answers one of our greatest questions.

The question of sacred geometry was how many people or rabbits etc would a mature couple produce in time if
their ancestry also matured and reproduced? Why, because all nature follows this branching pattern of the Lord in
His Creation from the literal branches of a tree (and flowers etc. etc.) to the human family tree.The solution looks
like this, 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 and on and on, which is called the Fibornacci Series. As each new step is an addition
of the last two steps, or the next generated generation. Eventually this series fine tunes itself into a multiplication
series where ultimately each new number is l.618....... times as large as the last one. And magically this is the
GOLDEN SECTION, or PHI, the esoteric absolute proof that the Lord created all of life whether in the
macrocosm or the microcosm. For this proportion of .382+.618= 1, is not only in nature like the trees and in -
sections insects, but in our own bodies as well. This is why it was also called the DIVINE proportion.

All famous mathematicians, artists, architects and other masters of the past knew it but kept it hidden from the
goyum masses. Yet from the beauty of its absolute mathematical proof of the design of Nature thru our Common
Creator, we could only glimpse its correlation with ourselves thru veiled paintings likeDaVinci's, naked man with
outstretched arms inside the squared circle. The square being equal to the circumference of the circle which had a
radius of the square root of PHI (square root of 1.618 or 1.272. This correlates with the design of man and with
the pyramidal structure of crystals as demonstrated by the Giza pyramid. For the Giza pyramid like crystal
quartz has a height of l.272 and a side length of l.618. And to further boggle your mind, the five pointed star,
incorporates this same proportions, of 1 and 1.618 in its design, which all means we should be worshipping the
Creator of Creation not the mere Creation, stars or the heavenly bodies of man and woman.

So anyway with a little study an honest student will learn that true science will confirm true religion because the
Lord's spirit actually created the material world. So let's now, get back to the sexy Star of David, and see if there is
any confirmation in the physical realm, whether in the microcosm or the macrocosm because  in sacred geometry
size and distance has little value, only the proportion and 'harmony and music of the spheres'....This music,
curiously enough, coming from the Egyptian word meaning 'birth' thru the Christian symbol, the FISH, the Vesica
Pisces, but that's another sexy geometric story for another time (SEE
Music Frequency Board)

And Viola, with a little time and effort, you find that just as PHI was the link between static and living geometry,
the PIEZOELECTRIC EFFECT of crystals correlates mechanical and electrical energies together.The Piezo effect
is the reversible quality of crystals to go from mechanical energy (sexual squeezing) to electrical energy (lightning -
climax). This is the door used by our computers that opens and closes via electrical impulse like the Key of David
(Revelations) which can only be opened and closed by the Lord's electricity. With inward pressure, the hexagonal
(Star of David) transverse shape of a crystal, contracts the centers of the two triangles causing a difference in their
centers producing a spark of electricity

That's why sex feels good, it is literally an electric charge from our Maker, whether we are male or female. The
build-up is the same, the physiology basis is the same. For we are created to compliment each other in equality to
produce the spark of life and reproduce and pass on the seeds of righteousness, so how then can our bodies be
'evil'?  For we aren't some accident of nature, the luck of evolution or the product of chaos, but a divinely designed
creation of the Creator being made in his very 'image'. So no wonder King David said 'we are wonderfully and
beautifully designed.'

So when somebody says his or her touch was electrical, it is not just emotional exaggeration but based on science
and according to our Creator's will and design, even shown by his Beloved' David's Star. This is why massage
therapy has value, and why the Lord instructed us to 'lay hands on the sick.' Touch is more than soothing but
actually can Heal (SEE
Faith Healing) And so the same is true with sex, if done under the right conditions with the
right people, at the right time. For we are electrical in nature, which is just a vibration (and up and down
frequency) which should be in tune or harmony with the One who created us. His Name is

Don't you agree? In His Service