David Jay Jordan's

                   Our Brain, Sex and Giza

The Giza pyramid was designed after the divine Design of  our Brains, as its design, just like Giza's wasn't by chance
because we are made in the
LORD'S DIVINE IMAGE. But you will surely say but what has this to do with anything?
Well, believe me when you catch the drift of where all this leads to, you'll catch the significance and understand its far-
reaching importance.  But first you have to know the basics.

1) Our bodies are the most highly sophisticated and advanced technological machines ever designed. We are much,
much more than mere physical bodies. We are divinely created by the Lord.
2) Our minds are much more than just a vehicle for rationalization and decision-making, but are the means whereby
we can gain the power of the Lord if we know how to use them.
3)   And our whole body is templated by the Lord using his sexual reproduction ratio, or branching (Zion) of PHI, also
called the
Golden Section. Or the expansion ratio of 1.618 times the previous number. This creates a Golden Spiral
into creation of all living things, and it is with this perfect self-imbedding wave formation that we can do miracles if we
have absolute faith which means we don't doubt in our minds. (See Golden Section Class and Made in His Image and
Giza )

O.K. so if we now can should absolutely the correlation between our brain's design and the phi-structured Giza
pyramid, then once again the truth of spiraling up our phi-designed body to the "LEVEL of REFLECTION" or third eye
level becomes confirmed and shows where our energy is culminated and discharged. (Read
Pineal Gland and Death)
because the Pineal Gland is situated exactly at the 3rd eye level or right above the eyebrows in the center of the

And Lo and behold when you graph the location of both our pineal gland and pituitary gland with in the matrix of our
Skull (See
Crystal Skull post), then note that this is the EXACT location of the Kings and Queens chambers
respectively in the Giza Pyramid, then bells of correspondence should go off in your head. They are the same because
the Kings and Queens chambers in the Giza Pyramid were not placed there without reason but came from the
heavenly design of the Lord in His Pyramid. The Lord created crystal pyramids with the exact ratio's of phi and also
created us with the exact template of 'phi' or the golden section' which is why we can have power just as the pyramids
can have power if aligned and in tune with the Lord's energy.

For again you must know that from history the Pyramids were not built as extravagant tombs for the Pharaoh’s but
teleportation chambers, initiation chambers for their priesthood, they are electrically charged and it wasn't done at
random but very precisely. (SEE
Who built the Pyramids) And the Giza Pyramid was not built with human knowledge
but with spiritual knowledge absolutely unavailable to the Egyptians except through their priesthood. (probably via the
Fallen Angels) Yet we are the ultimate receiver and transformer of electricity to the Universe via our magical bodies,
but it has to be done through knowledge of the Lord and within His physical and spiritual laws.

But if we are to get anywhere, we are going to have to understand the sacredness of our human bodies and their
magical design to do miracles in the
Lord's POWER. And lo and behold, this spiraling is done through sexuality and
focus. Yet even as the evil ones hone in on this truth, they will never succeed,  for it is reserved for the
Bride of the
Lord to become One with Him and His created World.

Love in

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