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One Day Til Noah's Flood
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   It's easily established that the world was created in 4004 B.C. This done simply by going through the geniologies dated years of
Genesis. ( SEE
ForeFathers Graphic ) And this confirmed in my recent searches via  http://www.greatdreams.com/432.htm Because they also
realised through simple subtraction that the Flood of Noah took place in 2348 B.C.

   Therefore 4004-2348 gives 1656 years. And as mentioned on this afore mentioned site or by simply doing the math... there was 86,400
weeks from the 'Creation week' in days to the recreation of the Earth after the Flood. For do notice that Noah stepped out of the Ark on the
first day of the first Month exactly.

Genesis 8:13 And it came to pass in the six hundredth and first year,
in the first month, (Nissan) the first day of the month, the waters were
dried up from off the earth: and Noah removed the covering of the ark,
and looked, and, behold, the face of the ground was dry

   For at that time of the solar year, it was equal day and night as mentioned in Genesis 1. This meaning the month Nissan was at the
equinox in April 21st. Hence equal time of darkness first, and then the light, as Jewish days are from sundown to sunset. Time wise this
exactly means 43,200 seconds of darkness, before the light or Sun (SON) rises at the dawn of the first day for 43,200 seconds of daylight. 12
hours times 60 minutes/hour times 60 seconds/minute= 43,200  seconds per daytime and the same for the night. This meaning that as we know
there are 86,400 seconds in a day.

   Therefore the Lord literally gave the Earth and its inhabitants ONE Day of 86,400 seconds before He send and recreated its surfaces via His
worldwide flood. This with each second equaling a week of seven days. Yet this type of ratio-ing timing mechanism was and is hardly a novel
idea as the Lord also had a similar timing mechanism for Daniel the prophet. And yet with Daniel the Lord made one week represent 7 years. (
Daniel 9.)

   'Shubuah' was the Hebrew word for week as it was the number 7. And hence shubuah represented seven days, or a WEEK, the number of
literal days it took for the Lord to originally create the Heavens and Earth.  ( SEE
Creation in 24 Hour Days. )  In other words 7 days resents
seven years. A week equalling 7 years,or a day equalling a year.

   In the New Testament and Old Testament as well, you also might have read, that a day is as a thousand years, not just flowery vague
literature but as an exact measure. (Sacred geometry) 2 Peter 3: 8 So doing the mathematical substitution of a 1,000 years for each day of
Creation, we get that there will be 6,000 years of man, before the 1,000 year REIGN of Christ called the Millennium. Consequently the
Shubuah for all of World History before the next re-CREATION when the Lord makes a New Heaven and New Earth is one 'Shubuah', or
creative WEEK of seven thousand years. ( Consider
Earths History.  /  1000 Year Divisions.)

A second equalling a week for Noah
A day equalling a year for Daniel
A week equals seven thousand years for Peter

   Are you catching the Lord's exact ratio's and timing ? Because again 86,400 seconds to a day exactly means the Lord, synchronoized his
Heavenly bodies to their distances and their sizes as you would expect an exact Creator to do. 86,400 being harmonic to 432 hertz, being
harmonic to 216, which is the Moon's NUMBER. Why because the Lord made the Moon 216,000 miles from the Earth with a diameter of
2,160 miles. This not by chance but by ratioed DESIGN. Hence the Moon is asscociated directly to 216 and via the next octave up, 432 hertz.

   (As taken from
Moon Time 216.) "Does this harmonize with the Sun and its musical distances, YES of course because the Lord made the
ratio's to the `Music of the Spheres', as Pythagoras and the Ancient Egyptians realized. The Moon distance to us of 216,000 miles compared
to the distance of the Sun's Central Core distance to us the center of the Solar System. 93,000,000 miles plus its radius of 465,000 miles or
93,465,000. Therefore 93416 / 216 = 432.."

   "Hmmm ¦ but 432 is double 216 and they are musically therefore in tune and an octave apart or any distance times by 10 or divided by 10
would also be in tune with the Sun and Moon and us here on Earth. And we are not just on any planet, but the Headquarters of the Son of the
Universe, as He created the Earth as His Focus and Home."

   But we should say logically, What about the Sun? Well like distances and diameters, the Sun is also exactly ratio-ed to correspond to 111,
and 444 and 888. ( SEE
Magic Square of the Sun. and  http://jesus8880.com/ ) The Sun being 880,000 miles in diameter, and 93,000,000 miles
away from us. This meaning that light which was given an exact speed at Creation travels to us in 500 seconds, meaning its radius orbit in time
to us is 500 seconds and across the whole circle of our orbit around the Sun (SON) there is a time diameter of 1,000 seconds. This again not by
chance but by Design so that all distances, diameters, ratios, and heavenly bodies would be tuned together to produce the "Music of the

   How do you get music out of distances, well simply because sound is beats per second and seconds as we have been talking about have been
divinely ordained to be a specific length of time. 86,400 seconds in a day, til the New day and hence the Lord allowed one day before He
stopped man's insanity to man and the earth, sent the Flood and allowed Noah and his offsprng to step on a New earth. As was the case, it
shall be the case, before the Millinium, and then before the New Heaven and the

In My Mathematical Opinion

David Jay Jordan

PS) Which means maybe
432 hertz is a very important tuning frequency as I theorized previously. (From Moon Time 216. )

"And musically 432 hertz is the natural central C tuning frequency for the human voice, meaning an octave below is a lower C at 216 hertz, and
below that at 108 hertz, a lower C just below the natural resonance of the granite stones of most sacred temples of 110 hertz. Theoretically
suggesting that we can go from our voice frequency of 108 hertz to the temple frequency of 110 hertz, to get to the Gateway portal of 111
hertz. (SEE
108-109-110 to 111 hertz & Number 11-111

All the best vibrations under His Sun (Son) and Moon
86,400 seconds of weeks Til Flood