432 - Key of 'Star of David'
For the Lord spoke His WORD in Hebrew and it was DONE
and matter was created instantly. (SEE
Creation not Evolution)
For His sacred language,  Hebrew was alphanumeric from its very
start. This meaning each letter has a number associated with it and
hence every ˜word could be summed up by the addition of the
letter numeric values. This is the basis for ˜Gematria, as it can be
a guide for understanding basic number values of created matter.


Therefore as you would have noticed if you studied the above
hyper-link, the possibilities of these additions of gematria numbers
and their corresponding shapes into triangles could not possibly
have occurred by chance, but shows absolutely that the LORD used
numbers imbeded into His Words as Templates. The Lord is the GREAT MATHEMATICAL, for Genesis is mathematical and
exact and scientific, and furthermore we can discover number patterns in His Creation and DESIGN that show absolutely that He
had a PLAN. (SEE
Golden Section Mysteries as well)  Dont yet believe this, then study carefully and with reason and logic and a

So lets go back to the hexagon of life which is associated in Latin and in other ways with sex because a hexagonal ˜Star of David is
two interlocked triangles that are making love or intertwined in union.  And it is this piezo-electric ability of these two conjoined
triangles that bridges the gap between the physical and the spiritual. Why because a mechanical pressure on the triangles produces
a spark to gap the separation caused. Or vice versa, an electrical spark can cause the two triangles to part. In other words, it is a
reversible, reusable law of hexagonal shaped matter like crystals. These crystals created, shaped and constructed by the Lord (not
by man). And it is for this reason that they are incorporated in the computers that we use, as they can open and close gates as
they go from the mechanical physical dimension to the electrical as well as being able to hold memory until accessed by our clicks
of electricity that releases them to us on screen. (SEE
Stolen Information. and  Pyramidal Crystal Geometry )
And so going beyond a two dimensional hexagon, notice that we get into the real world of three dimensions and the filling of space,
that its new composition of space contains not 6 x 6 cubes or 36 cubes, but 6x 6 x 6 or 216 construction cubes.

But wait a minute, within matter that is contained in a cube of 216, their has to a hidden connection to the Lord Himself. Right ?
Right !!! So lets now add up the ˜Gematria of the Lords most sacred Name, the Tetragrammaton. You havent ever heard this name
before ? Sure you have in Hebrew letters it is written YHWH and can be pronounced Yahweh, although the absolute correct
pronounciation is a sacred secret, only for those who need to know His most intimate and secret and most POWERFUL NAME¦
and that would be us,  Christians in the End Time, the

For notice below, as in triangular form it has always been a revealing of His Truth in His Name, from the Hebrew Letter Yod (or
Jah as in Psalm 64: 8)  to Yod-He to Yod-He-Vau to His completed Name Yod-He-Vau-He, shortened to Yahweh. or Jehovah  (
leading to Yeshua, to Joshua to JESUS... as
JESUS is GOD)    
This is why the Great NUMBER of the Lord is 72 via Gematria, his sacred mathematical alphanumeric Hebrew language. And
doubling it into a female triangle and we get the LIGHT NUMBER of 144, which corresponds to our
144,000 of the Children of
Light in the darkness of the
Tribulation to come. But you won;t understand, this unless you realise that men and women are
EQUAL in the eyes of the Lord.

And when we multiply  by 3, the 'Trinity' of the Great Name and NUMBER of the Lord yields 3 x 72 = 216.. Why because the
Trinity of THREE, Father, Son and Holy Ghost are ONE. ..... and then we are back to the cube of 216 blocks that make a three
dimensional, hexagonal Star of David.  3 x 72 = 6 x 36 = 216.

Yea, yea, but what does that mean, you might be asking yourself.... 216 may mean nothing to you. But wait a minute, the Moon
is 2,160 miles in diameter and 216,000 miles from the Earth. The MOON incorporates the Lords 216 NUMBER. (SEEE
Time and 216).  Is this by chance of distances ? As this heavenly body just happened to place itself at this  exact multiple of
216 distance from us, and just happened to have that exact diameter of another multiple of 216.. (SEE
Who created the distances
). I think not, what do you think ?

Am I suggesting this is by design, ABSOLUTELY. Do the research !! But not only that the Lord when He created the MOON,
He simultaneously created the SUN to match the dimensions and distances from Earth as with the MOON. In other words, the
Lord from His Central Headquarters to be¦( Consider  
The Earth is the Center of the Universe )¦.. wanted the Moon and Sun and
their distances and diameters to match His Plan and His TIME in conjunction together. The Earths revolution was set from the
BEGINNING of CREATION by how fast the Lord spun the EARTH  (SEE also
Book of Enoch) and the Moons phases and
one rotation per revolution was designed from Creation as the Earth's timepiece.

A days length of 24 hours or 86,400 seconds is not by chance but by Design, for not only did the Lord create the distances and
revolutions and rotations to be harmonic within our Solar System but also He created the TIME, in hours and minutes and
seconds to be divine measures that showed his absolute HAND in creation and these same minutes and seconds are
incorportated into the exact measure of distance on a sphere. This is why our latitude and longitudes include minutes and
seconds... More later, as we get into time more specifically). For all things harmonize together not by chance or evolution but by
DESIGN. Are you catching it or starting to understand this ? Hopefully you will eventually if you keep reading and expanding
your mind and your FAITH in DESIGN.

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A hexagon is a six sided polygon, with which if you connect up the vertises or corners can construct a ˜Star of David (SEE Sexy
Star of David). This symbol being used by both Israel and the Dark side because it originally showed the creative ability of the
male and female triangles to create (piezo) electricity and life itself.
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