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                                    The Numbers of our End Time Prophets

The following was posted on-line by Geoffrey R Nielson of Cape Town, South Africa, but unfortunately the website is no
longer on-line. Nevertheless because what he wrote can be independantly researched and found to be true via 'gematria', the
summation of the letter values of words and names, let me repost it and give my comments afterwards.   

                                                 THE GEMATRIA OF "ELIJAH"
The gematria (or the sum of the numerical values of the letters making up) the name of"Elijah", the Old Testament prophet,
is 52.
The gematria of the promised endtime Elijah in Malachi 4 : 6 is 46
The New Testament version of the endtime Elijah's name, Elias has the gematria of 55.

The gematria of the Hebrew expression in Job 1, of "sons of God", which there can refer to all of God's created intelligent
beings. Those who support, and those who oppose Him, in His plan to bring sons of God to glory . 153 is also the number
of fish the disciples caught when Christ intervened after they caught nothing all night --implying that their work was to be
that of fishers of men; fishers of the sons of God (see John 21).


Interesting as the promised Endtime Elijah is spoken about by the Prophet Malachi, in the last book before the New
Testament in Malchi 4: 5. And according to the conversion into Hebrew Blue Letter Bible
HERE, the Hebrew letters are
He-Yud-Lamed-Aleph. If we convert these into their letter values via this '
Table' we get 5 + 10 + 30 + 1 = 46, and that was
the same value written above by Geoffrey.

But now when we add up the letters for the name 'Elias' as spoken about in the New testament, we have to switch over to
the Greek alphanumeric system, because the New Testament was written in Greek. This research bringing up 55 for the
value of Elias, a different value than that of End Time Elijah. This in my opinion showing that they are two different
individuals. For just as Jesus talked with Moses and Elijah on the mountain top, so we shall have Two prophets, Two
witnesses in the End-Time and not just one. For our
Two Endtime Prophets are talked in Revelation, and come before the
Lord's return. They '
Gather'  us and lead us into the wilderness, where the Lord has prepared a place for us. Neither are the
past tense Elijah, of the Old testament, as Elijah has already left and is with the Lord, ((although surely Elijah, Enoch, the
angels, and others shall be helping these two prophets and helping us in the End-Time)). And yet our Two witnesses shall
surely have the Gematria of the promised Elijah and Elias as mentioned above. For do notice the difference in number
between the Old Testament, Elijah and the New testament Elijah of Malachi..... 52 and 46 respectively. And so hence we can
know the Number of our End Time Elijah. His Name shall add up to 46, when the letter values of his name are added up.

And seeing there are 2 Prophets, one a king and the other with the ministry of the
Tabernacle, a priest, do notice that his or
her name adds up to 55 and does not contain the same valiue of 46. They are different and unique, but shall work as ONE for
the Lord and the Lord's people. (SEE
Our End Time Priest).

But you may ask why did I write that the priest might be female and therefore a priestess of the Tabernacle, and not male.
Well for one thing, in the End Time, our women have had the last bond broken, so that they are absolutely equal with us men
and liberated.. (SEE
Equality not Patriarchy). And if you know your numbers, you will have studied that 55, stands for
Kundalini, and is a sexual term for the rise of the Lord's energy up our spine when at bliss or orgasm. (SEE
Number 11 Jesus'
Number and Joseph and 33 Ladder of Bliss)

Therefore together in union  (SEE
Sexual Mysteries 2) their sum is 46 + 55 = 101. And the summation of these individual
numbers is 2, just as in the Lord's Number 11...... 1 + 1= 2.  Adding 1 between 1-0-1 giving 111, as the Lord shall be between
them. This being confirmed by the amazing Number 111 which is called the GATEWAY between the physical and spiritual
realms. (SEE
Number 11 and 111). And so because we are called the bride, I believe the High Priest of the Tabernacle shall be
a woman, representing all of us, the Bride of Christ, the
144,000. She having the sexual number of 55. Reduced down by the
addition of its digits 5 + 5 = 10 reduced again 1 + 0 = 1. This being the exact same as the reduction down to basics of our End
Time King of 46 to 4 + 6 = 10 which is again reduced down  1+ 0 = 1. Why, because the One and ONLY Lord is at their
center, even though they are 2....expanded out via 101.

In my mathematical and spiritual opinion

David Jay Jordan

And along theoritical reasoning, can I suggest that our End Time King's name will be David, as that follows the parallel of
being in the lineage of David (SEE
King David of the End Time) and the addition of the letters of D-A-V-I-D equal 4+1+4
+9+4 = 22. This meaning His last Name would have to add up to 24.  .... because 22 + 24 = 46  (SEE English Gematria Table

 Therefore in my opinion, to follow the mathematical balance, the High priestess would have to have a gematria of 11, like
and together they would have first names that add up to
33, 11 being a factor of both and even when combined. As well as
being harmonic with 55, 110, and onmward via 111, to 444, and 888. Her last name probably having the value of 44, (55 - 11
= 44) which is also factored by 11. But we shall see, as their birthdays, and place of birth, life histories and so many other
parameters and qualifications have to be fulfilled by these two, not just their names . ...... the greatest and most important is
that they have to have the literal annointing of the Lord and literal POWER of the Lord. (SEE
Who will you follow).