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Vitrium Man inside the 'Holy of Holies'

DaVinci, the Master, who was learned in the Mysteries, drew the perfectly proportioned man within a Circle. (See
Vitruvious Graphics to the lower right). This circle being the same circumference as the square. This solving the puzzle of
the squared circle, because with the side of the square as 1, its circumference is 4 and equal to the circumference a circle
whose diamter is the square root of phi, or 1.272.(Phi being 1.618)  SEE
Phi Graphics and Mystery of the Squared Circle

For as you may know, Giza is phi-templated as well. This
meaning, its height is the square root of phi (1.272), because
its sides are 2. So with a  Base of 792' gives height its height
at  504'.  And now if we put 'man' and this sacred geomtery
together inside the King's Chamber of Giza, you have a 'man'
who is phi proportioned inside the phi proportioned Pyramid.
And by its very divine nature and physics of proportions and
alignment, the pyramid can '
Project to the Stars' which is why
the Egfyptians tried to project their Pharoahs and initiates to
the heavenlies and into the spirit world.

However, the Egyptians didn't think up their knowledge, but
it was given them via the angels straight from the Lord of Lords,
He being the Great Designer  and Mathematician who created all things. (SEE
Stolen Information and  Creation versus
Evolution) And His original temple was the secretive and sacred 'Holy of Holies' a perfect cube incorporated into His
Tabernacle. It's measurements as given to his man, Moses were 10 cubits, by 10 cubits, by 10 cubits. And what was a cubit,
but again the measure of a man, the distance from his elblow to his finger tips. A cubit being 18 inches, which is two spans.
A span being the span of a man's hand 9 inches. In other words, The Holy of Holies, was in correspondance to the greatest
creation of the Lord .... MAN. Why, because we, whether male or female are '
Made in His Image'

For, what was inside the Holy of Holies that had no outside light source ? ...  the ARK of the Covenant, where the Lord
decreed that His Commandments, His WORD was to be stored. Its measurements being 1.5 cubits by 1.5 cubits by 2.5
cubits, And there again, it is for this reason, that the Egyptians used the Lord's sacred measurements of His Ark in
designing their 'sacrophagus' within their King's Chamber, and made their ark or sacrophagus exactly the same size. IE,
The proportions or ratios matched up with the harmony of all worlds whether in the macro or micro-cosm. Are you
catching it the reasoning ? ( SEE
Ark and Sarcophagus).

And what was above the ARK, that gave light to the Holy of Holies ? ... the Spirit of the Lord via His FLAME, It's light
being between the two covering cheribiums placed upon the ARK, right in the very exact center of the Lord's Divine Cube.
Exodus 25)  But wasn't the power of the Great Pyramid of Giza, suppose to originate from its 'Capstone' that was
never placed on its apex. Wasn't this the stone which the '
Builders' rejected, and that stone or capstone being JESUS.  The
capstone measurements being given as 13.5 feet on each side of its base, with aheight of 103 inches. SEE
Capstone and 1/56
Pyramid mathematics)

Consequently we can add these ingredients to this mystery together, to possibly solve why and how man fits into the Lord's
perfect proportions. Let's put a 6 foot 4inch man inside the Holy of Holies, which also shows the Ark and the Capstone all

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