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                                   Light Speed at Bliss

Sex is more than just sex or at least it can be. Why ... because the union of two people can have awesome power not just in the
physical but also in the spiritual and can propel us out of ourselves. For even in science, real love is seen as waves that are
sharable and therefore compressible. (See
Heart and Voice link ) And this all means they can spiral inward fractionalizing in
phi proportions that keep speeding up until they literally reach the center point of 'creation'. They become One, even one point.
Why .......because in wave mechanics only waves that are phi fractionalized can melt together and flow together in a  Golden
Spiral without any destruction. (See
Golden Body Graphics as our whole bodies are designed in Phi Proportions) The love
waves literally have no friction (or fear) and are therefore shareable and compressible.

Compressible do you get it, as we become one, even pressing together as one, something very special can happen to us as we
reach the moment of bliss, which is another discreet way of saying, when we reach orgasm. We are literally falling in love (See
Physics of falling in love )…as we spiral into a very special and sacred dimension that can be more than just straight enjoyable
sex. For you must always remember that we are designed as the most highly technologically advanced machine or creation
possible. Why …..because we are made in the Image of God. So doesn’t it make sense that at this most special time, when
we are near blacking out, and completely out of ourselves and totally spinning and seeing stars literally that we are being
propelled through time and space.

And remember this isn’t subjective but objective, because if we have friction, or unbelief then physically, or physics-wise
our waves won’t be able to phi spiral inward which speeds them up beyond the speed of light But if we do have the love
required and know what we are doing and are aligned in heart and mind, then it seems we can go beyond the bounds of time
and into spirit world where time no longer exists towards the
Creator of Love

Whoa, Jay, surely you jest, some of you should say. Well, if you have faithfully studied the Golden section, physics and all the
other posts concerning sex, science, the Bible and the earth mysteries, then you might be ready for this one about the divinity of
sex. And you might be ready for the 'Song of Solomon'.

 I mean the dark side has known this for a while and have been experimenting with this principle even though they don’t
have the love required and have gone off-line because they were giving away too many secrets that their side wanted to keep to
themselves. Yet they stole them from the Lord and we are merely taking them back and giving them to the rightful hiers. And so
because love belongs on the Right side and the Light side, surely we should consider these truths, even thoughwe may  not
completely understand all the science the Lord has involved in the creative act.

 Nevertheless since I copied a few of the posts from Danwinter.com before his sacred geometry website closed, let me repost some
their words

“���Since Acceleration and Gravity are identical (Einstein) - then if Winter is right that Acceleration and
Compression are identical - Gravity must be occasioned among waves in general WHEN COMPRESSION IS OPTIMIZED -
Which is mathematically perfected by fractal nesting based on Phi / Golden Ratio. Which means in summary, that Golden
Ratio electrical nesting (capacitors arranged in the symmetry of PHI - danwinter.com/grail.html , / stellated like danwinter.
com/predictions ) should CREATE measurable gravity from charge alone. This would prove the principle of why we find the
moment of Golden Ratio harmonics in the Heart frequency signature -THE MOMENT OF BLISS - turns the ( imploding &
compassioned ) heart into a gravity engine.�����

 So what does it all mean … well it means sex is
Divine, sacred and special and an actual way to go beyond ourselves and
actually speed beyond light speed because the heart is a gravity engine or accelerator if we have true ‘phi’ compassion
which love only comes from the Lord because it has no fear and is totally selfless. All things are possible to him or her that

Love in

David Jay Jordan

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