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Jesus and the Golden Section
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Geographical Proof that Jesus choose Jerusalem as His Temple location because of
His Template of Creation called the Golden Section
Jesus was the Creator and as the Creator designed all things in the macro-cosm of His Stars and our Solar System. He created
all these things and planets and revolutions, times and
distances according to His method of divine creation called the 'Spiral of
'.  This is along the pathway created by the Golden Section or Phi. But to absolutely prove this, let's consider the
location that the Lord told David to build him his temple....at Jerusalem

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Furthermore, the location of Jerusalem is 31 degrees 45 minutes north of the equator. God said Jerusalem is "the city which I
have chosen to put my name there" (1 Kings 11:36). Why did God select this location? First build a rectangular building in
Jerusalem with sides that exhibit the golden rectangle ratio. The longer two sides (1.618) must run from east to west. The
shorter two sides (1) must run from north to south. Then at each of the four corners place a flag pole. Make the roof flat.
Remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Now if you draw one diagonal line from the northwest to the
southeast corner, and another diagonal line from the northeast to southwest corner, you will create angles of 31 degrees 45
minutes with respect to the straight line joining the two southern corners of the building. At the summer solstice, the sun is
over the Tropic of Cancer, 23.5 degrees north of the equator. At this point the shadows will point most easterly and westerly.
At the winter solstice, the sun is over the Tropic of Capricorn, 23.5 degrees south of the equator. At this point the shadows
will point most northerly. On the spring (March 21) and fall (Sept. 23) equinoxes, when the sun is directly over the equator,
the shadows created by sunrise and sunset will fall exactly on these diagonal lines.

Therefore let's construct a golden rectangle.... of our own and establish this truth and see what the consequences are.
First, the only way to exactly construct a phi golden section length is to draw a circle and on its circumference draw another
circle that intersects the original circle's center. This creates a vesica pisces, a doubly of the original.via the female generative
shape. A circle then centered at the vesica's mid point from D hits the horizontal at E. Then AB : AE as 1 is to PHI. In other
words AE is 1.618 times as long as AB. With the sides being 1, and the rectangle lengths being 1.618, a phi golden section
rectangle has been created geometrically.


Now according to the above website, Jerusalem would be the only latitude where this golden rectangle would have the sun's
horizon light at the Equinox timing of Creation (The Lord created at the time of equal day and equal night meaning at the Spring
Equinox). Hence in March 21 st at Equinox, the rising Sun creates the diagonal on the Golden section rectangle. You doubters
instantly say, coincidence, coincidence, Jesus or God couldn't be that exact in His Creation or mathematical abilities to compute
this exact rising sun light via higher mathematics. Sorry, He created math, geometry and creation itself, so it is hardly difficult
for HIM. For right at that latitude the rising sun would enter His HOLY TEMPLE and complete the correspondances that the
temple has to portray.

Because as you can find out from
Jesus and Sacred Architecture and Sexuality, the Lord's Light must enter directly from the
East into His Temple at exactly the Equinox, into its darkness of the Holy of Holies to bring fruitfulness and life to all of His
Creation. Could the temple be any where else, NO !!! All other laid out temples are after a pattern of this such as Stonehenge,
but theier latitudes are not exactly right. Yet Jerusalem's is, for His temple which is why he instructed Solomon to put it there,
and why his Father David bought it, for a resting place for the ARK.
Thus the rising and setting Sun/Son bring light to all the golden section rectangle box and create the two diagonals of the phi triangle.
The 31.68 degree nagle of the phi rectangle box or temple being the same as the angle from the center of the Earth being used as a
measurement of latitude. And what was the latitude of where the King of Kings choose to be born....

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