David Jay Jordan's

                                            PHI  -  GOLDEN RATIO

The golden section is the hidden mathematical ratio of both beauty and
power, that has now been made known to not just the chosen but any of
us, to master and know and use .... as it is the Lord's Template of Life

Golden Section in words
Golden Section Graphically
Golden Section In Pyramids Graphics
Golden Section in Creativity

Beauty is the Golden Section
Climbing Phi Ladder of Bliss
    Spiral Dance of Love
    Shofar Trumpet

Phi Projection to the Stars
Phi Spiralling of Giza
11 and Phi Expansions
Phi Spiralling of Solar System
Music of the Spheres
Spiral Pathway
Spiral Pathway to Altar
Phi, Speed of Light and 33
Absolute 33
Phi Time Travel
Light speed at Bliss
3 Spirals to 33
Earth Resonance and 33
Phi Crystal Geometry
Crystal Throne
Crystal Skull
New Jerusalem is a Crystal PHI Pyramid
Crystal Alignment Dream
 Templar Pendulum    
Golden Section in Human Body
Divine 'Phi' Design of Human Face
Face Profile Design
Jesus, Bethlehem and the Golden Section
   Bethlehem Latitude... 31.68