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#1 May 11, 2018
Humans today are EXACTLY the same in structure and functions as Adam and Eve. Absolutely no difference. Nothing has changed in our bodies. We have no new beneficial mutations in
any of our babies born today compared to those of our ORIGINAL COUPLES CHILDREN.. NO new and different lungs or hearts or new different skin or added legs or arms. Still the
same DESIGN.


The DNA is the same, Superficial variety and individualism Yes, different sizes, different colors, but just different colors of the same rainbow.....but not a new KIND. There have been no
changes in our DNA. As for mentally, again, new babies today are not super gifted into so called higher technology.... NO, they are the same mentality as Adam and Eves children. No
difference. Our brains have the same DESIGN. Our babies born today do not have added circuits..... all children start out the same.

Exactly the SAME as in the BEGINNING

#2 May 11, 2018

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""""In biology, in genetics you learn that nothing we learn in life is passed on to the next generation. In embryology we learn that sex cells are isolated early in development, so that our
genes are never effected by what we learn from our experiences in our brains and via our decision making.

In other words, each generation, each individual has to determine and choose what they learn afresh as an INDIVIDUAL. 'Thats the PLAN and DESIGN, even though stupid ignorant
evolutionists want to say our brains have evolved and we pass on our learning to the next generation or evolving species or evolving race (Remember evolutionists love branching and
separation into different species of the original species called mankind)  Biblically its called CHOICE as the Lord is not a groupie and does not blame am individual for the sins of their
parents or nationality or grouping. Evolutionists are groupies and racists, and into the survival of the fittest, meanest and MOST VIOLENT.

The Creator is into freedom and CHOICE of the individual and doesn't like excuses and denials but responsibility for ones actions. Our brains are the seat of our soul and choices... the
ancients called it the plane of reflection.

More later... as some weird evolutionists are talking about the brain of God being in the Universe. Lets get it straight, and connect up truths rather than having more and more disconnected
weird theories. Lets explain the design and function of the brain...


#3 May 12, 2018

According to evolutionists, each baby today must be slightly different than their parents, when they were babies. Each baby today according to evolutionists have more advanced organs
just waiting for new 'so called beneficial mutations' to finally bring them to life or into functioning with the rest of the body. According to evolutionists, these magic DNA changes build up
and just sit and wait for thousands or millions more to just sit and wait for their final lucky mutation to bring a new baby into a higher level than their ancestral parents when they were

Is this true or false. Are their any hidden organs being formed in babies that we don't know about. What do the autopsies reveal ? Nothing...babies are babies. We are the same as our
ancestors. Have our brains advanced into a high tech type baby ?

Answer, NO babies are babies, and are still the same as Adam and Eves babies.... whether Cain, Abel or any of their sisters.Have our brains evolved, NO. Learning does not change our
DNA, it is a connection that we must make, according to our choices, education, experiences...etc..

No learning goes automatically into our brains. We` are as HIGH TECH as our ancestors, or vice versa... IE we ae the SAME.

#4 Tuesday May 15
Put up or shut UP, evolutionists...tell us how new born babies are different now. Tell us what evolutionary new organs they are developing within their genes ? Tell us what mutations that
mankind has developed because of their so called higher learning or new brain stems and brain cells. Tell us how evolution has circumvented or by passed embryology so that
environmental conditions now, go straight into our sex cells and automatically will be giving our next generation, more evolutionary knowledge and discernment ?

Buck up or SHUT UP.


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Every new born baby, the SAME as Adam and Eve