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                             Golden Section Design in our Bodies

                                                PHI Template of Life

It is a very proveable fact that our human bodies are phi-designed
as the golden section template is intimatelyseen throughout our whole
human form ratio's. This absolutely proves that we like the macrocosm
(the planets,and stars) or the microcosm (of atomic and subatomic
particles) all were created using the Creator's PHI design.
Golden Section class).

But let's show this further even using the hidden secret knowledge only taught previously in secret '
Mystery Schools'.  For  
surely in your research you have noticed the Vitrium sketch done by the Grand Master, Leonardo DaVinci....as shown above
in the right corner. It being simply a naked man within a square and a circle. But it shows a whole lot more than that upon
closer inspection.

For firstly, the square's distance around its equal sides is equal to the circumference of the circle, this only being possible if
the length of the sides are equal to a radius that is the square root of PHI times that length. In other words, the circle is really
like a blown out square. And it is for this reason that the square of 4 sides is said to become living geometry when this
Breath of Life' from the Creator is blown into it and expands it into the 'Beauty' of a circle and curves rather than mere
straight lines This bringing His Creation to the Number 5.  And this bringing us into being as we are the most beautiful
creation possible because we are '
Made in His Phi Image.'

Confused don't be. It's not that difficult to understand. A five sided pentagon has the PHI template of life incorporated right
into its geometrical sides. (SEE Graphics Below) Therefore you can connect up PHI with FIVE (5). Its just that simple, even
if you don't know the simple mathematics. Each diagonal of a pentagron has a phi expansion length when compared to the
sides of the pentagon, as well as many other phi expansion ratio's within.

So don't be afraid of geometric shapes like circles, and pentagrams, even though the dark side also uses them. They were
created by the Lord and not by the deceiver and liar. A five pointed pentagram is not evil, unless it is pointed downward,
symbolizing that matter is greater than spirit. Why, because that is a lie, as SPIRIT has made matter rather than the reverse.
Geometry of Healing). And so when you see below that we are put into this pentagonal star, it only represents that we
are PHI templated, and this is in essense why we can become POWERFUL as our Lord and Creator said. But it is all
determined on whether we are aligned to HIM and realize He is the ONLY POWER.

So where does the center of the star reside? Right on our regenerative sexual powerful organs, as it is here where we obey the
Lord in reproducing as He commanded us to do. The half way point in our design is right at our sexual organs, making this
the center of the pentagonal star. But in the Squared Circle, to the right, our sex organs or mid point is at the center of the
Square. The center of the circle being at our Navel, our imblical cord connection in the womb. This being totally
understandable as its height is .618 of our total height in the ideal proportioned human whether male or female.

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