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It was said in the New Testament, that when in the spirit, you will see men walking as trees. This being a rather strange verse
to most, but lets look at why. But before embarking on finding these truths, FIRST and foremost, we should understand that
we are made in the image of God. We are literally the ultimate Temple of God. This is not literary license and exaggeration, but
a design principle engrained into our DNA make-up design. We are
'Made in the Image of God'

And NOW,  what was the esoteric and true floor plan the Templars discovered and used in Chartres and Rosslyn, which was
told to Moses and to David in His designated design of the Tabernacle and Temple in Jerusalem…… it was the Tree of Life
Graphics .. See below, and then note, the superimposed image of man beside it. This called Adam Kadmon

And when you compare the floorplans of Chartres, Rosslyn Chapel as well as the Tabernacle and temple Design floorplans,
there is an exact match. SEE and Compare
Kaballah, Templars and Chartres Temple So standing upright, we do have two
pillars called arms, that are attached at our fasteners or nailed at our shoulders. The one on our RIGHT, in the Tree of Life is
called Mercy, or the Pillar of Mercy , in Hebrew 'Geburah' The one on our LEFT, is at the center called Severity. Hence called
the Pillar of Severity, in Hebrew Chesed

Right being masculine, left being feminine. The central invisible pillar being androgenous, a combination of both. In other words,
Right being Father, Left being Mother, Center being called the SON. The central pillar is Jesus. And
Jesus is Bisexual or
androgenous ... YES as we discovered, as He loves and loved both !

But lets get back to the shoulder fasteners called the Nails of the Breastplate, for the right one, on the right arm is called
MERCY. (Geburah in Hebrew, and the Geburah Center or Chakra on the Tree of Life graphics. Mercy for the (usually) right
stronger arm ? Hmmmm. And what name do we associate in truth to ‘mercy’…… mercy is associated to the '
Mercies of David'. WHY because David of Old learned mercy through the things that we did and suffered through. He was a
terrible sinner and yet learned mercy because he needed the mercy and forgiveness of the Lord. He was the warrior king, but he
was merciful at the same time. Exactly the same qualities as the fierce Archangel Michael.

And what side is King David’s Pillar, it is Boaz, the southern pillar of the temple. This associated with the Southern
Kingdom of Judah and Benjamin. With our temple facing eastward to the Sun/Sun, our right side is the Boaz side, the Davidic
Branch. SEE
Graphics at Joaz and Jachin

And from this exact graphics, you should NOW be able to connect up the other Pillar, our other Witness of the end Time, for
Jachin is feminine and represents the NORTHERN Tribes, and is represented by
Ephraim… our High Priestess. But rather
than being soft and sweet, she is called the Pillar of Severity as in judgment and JUSTICE. This to balance out, King Davidâ
€™s Mercy with Judgment, Her Judgment as the voice of God via the Laws of the Lord. For she is in charge of hearing from
the Lord in the tabernacle of the Lord. Never mess with a woman in the spirit of God, for her werath is worse than any manâ
€™s. And she is strong and needed and a compliment of equal power and strength to the King David Pillar. Therefore her
Chrakra or center is called JUSTICE or SEVERITY..    Selah, think about the implications ?

We are the living temple of God, and it is not mere semantics but by design and can be seen in a design plan, and has been
incorporated in temple design on earth. Yet we are not to worship the DESIGN or the Creation but the Designer and


Tree of Life

Or read with discernment

Or consider

For as you can see, the Tree of Life Design is not something
new or different but within the Flower of Life, hexagonal pattern,
and the
Sexy Star of David with its spark of life, the piezoelectric
effect is present.
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