There is not just one place where Jesus' sexuality is mentioned and aluded to, and so with research it is
easy to conclude that He was sexual, both with males and females.


He created sex, as Jesus was the Creator.

2) Jesus was fair and impartial, and EQUALITY of the
genders is one of His major principles. He sees the
heart not our external or gender. He loves both
genders or ALL genders equally.

3) He surely had at the least
Mary Magdalene for a

4) And it appears that
Lazarus, Mary's brother was the
naked young man outside when Jesus was at Caiphus'

5) Many early Christian groups were sexual and had
love feasts, despite the fact the hardened church
fathers started to persecute and destroy them and
their history. This because obviously Jesus taught
this to some degree, despite the slowness of some to
catch it.

If you read about the David - Jonathon parrallel will show researchers that most likely they had a male bonding, or a
bisexual relationship. I personnally can't see anal sex between them, or among Jesus and any of His followers, but orally
bi with one another, simple
masturbation.. YES.  

But Yes, it seems obvious also that John and Jesus were close and probably bisexually joined. John was always clinging
to Jesus chest and hugging Him, just as Mary was always kissing Him in puiblic and before others. And Jesus did not
rebuke John for doing such, and yet barked at Peter for having such anamosity towards him.' What is that to thee, follow
thou me, Peter, and feed my sheep.' In other words, quite worrying about my relationship with others, and just do your
own work and service for me, out of love.

And though it seems
John the Beloved was feminine, yet it was he that could not be boiled in oil, it was he, that got the
most masculine of all prophecy Books...
REVELATION. So true justice in my opinion and a great reward for a
so-called effeminate apostle who did have a tremendous amount of courage, surely springing from his great love for His
Master and Lover of His soul, JESUS.

PS) It is also interesting to note that angels are androgenous, having both sexual genders or 'hermaphroditic' and that
throughout the ages, the Lord has been seen as bisexual, ....... androgenous, hermadrophitic

God is Bisexual

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Jesus is Bisexual