The human body is divine in its design because it was created by the Lord
exactly after the design and template of the Lord’s own BODY. We are made
His IMAGE. So allow me to take you on a flight of possibilities even
though it is hypothetical for now… for I am convinced that we shall have
the power to fly like the angels. And this ability and power, in my opinion,
is only because we have the Golden Section (Phi) incorporated into our human
design template.

It will be a journey, that you will have to study step by step before you will understand
the final reasoning, so if you have the time to study the math, biology, and the physics of motion, continue on…..

For the question is how is our design from our Creator able to make this happen ? What is so special about our bodies and their
sacred design that will enable our bodies to fly when they appear to be land based and terrestrial. How will we teleport ? translocate
?  levitate ? appear and disappear ?  or even fly so fast that we can travel in Eternity, where there is no time.

Well firstly, we know absolutely from study that our physical bodies are Golden Section Proportioned. (SEE and Study ...  
Section Class and Graphics ) This exact ratio, sometimes called PHI is the path that all particles whether micro or macro take when
coming into existence in the physical world  (SEE .
Phi Graphics of Creation) This is because Phi is the pathway of creation, the
Lord always takes when creating, its called the Phi Spiral.  (Compare
Shofar trumpet PHI SPIRAL )

The Golden Section is this mathematical additive and multiplicative progression ratio, that is the exact proportion that creates
What is Beauty). So not only is Phi  a creative pathway but it is literally and objectively what we deem beautiful.
And what is more beautiful than our human bodies, the last and final creation of the Lord. (See and study
Golden Section in Human
Body). For as you study, you will find out that beauty is not subjective but objective and a mathematical ratio incorporated into our
very being. This is why we appreciate its beauty. It is our fundamental design template. And that template is literally the shape of a
perfect five pointed star or pentagram. Its ratios are phi-proportioned !!! Our divisions are phi proportioned.

So after all this study on the Golden Section, (Phi) do measure yourself, and understand from your own body or others that this
ratio of beauty and creativity is incorporated into your design. Its in your hands, its in your face, and its in the major divisions
progressing up or down your body. Now that you have learned this principle, lets go on to Sacred Geometry and one of the best
known images in the world. … the naked man within the circle and square.

It was drawn by Leonardo DaVinci and ancient GrandMaster and teacher in the
Mystery Schools. (This knowledge coming
originally from the Lord. SEE
Stolen Truths ) Because the Creator when going from four to five, when going from a square to a circle,
when going from in-animate creation to animate and living creation that has curves, has to blow into them HIS BREATH OF LIFE.
This being called the SQUARED CIRCLE. (Do study this basic principle
SQUARED CIRCLE ) Did you catch the concept and
principle, for it is so important if you are to understand where we are going or how we might be able to fly. The square's
circumference, stays the same when the Lord blows into it, and expands it into a perfect circle. The square and the circle have exactly
the same circumference. The size of the square is such that its circumference or added lengths of its sides add up exactly to the
circumference of the circle. For this to happen, the circle’s diameter must be 1.272 times the size of one of the sides of the
square. The square’s size being 1. In other words, the ratio between them is 1.272 to 1. Got it, do the rough measurement
yourself for confirmation purposes. And 1.272 is the square root of the Golden Section because the Golden Section is 1.618.

Whew, that's a lot to comprehend. So before we go any further and see Leonardo's drawing of the 'Vitruvian' on the next page .... do
mediatate or contemplate the amazing co-relations of beauty, form, ratio's and creativity before we get into other mind expanding
concepts of PHI and the Human Body. Take a breathe and then proceed to the next PAGE and the drawing of Vitrivium as we solve
one of life's mysteries...

For we shall fly ....

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David Jay Jordan
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