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                                                HAARP and Mind Control

I am certainly not the sharpest tool in the wood shed, mainly because I forget so much with my poor memory. But then maybe
that is the way, it is suppose to be, as when I read or discover a new possible truth, it makes me go into REFRESH MODE, and
think again if all the previous precepts made sense.

Repetition is the law of memory, and the more angles I or we see something from, the more ingrained it becomes in us. The
repetition makes the precept sink into our brain, for usage in our hearts decisions.

Anyway I watched Jess Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory last night, which I assumed I already knew about. Yet even though it
is a made for TV set up program, it had some new insights for me. It concerned HAARP, and the things I didn’t know was
that HAARP was originally designed by a fellow named Eastman as a application from Tessla’s work into the secrets of the
Lord’s earth and electromagnetic field to help develop a nuclear shield for America.

They stating the obvious that China and Russia are working on this technology as well. Why because it allows, a country to
neutralise enemy missiles and electronics while allowing them to fire their own, and easily win a unilateral nuclear war.

BOOM, ZAP that is the answer to prophecy and the unilateral nuclear war Russia wins over America in one hour. The Great
Whore is burnt and destroyed in ONE HOUR, of nuclear war against her, and she can not fire back at Russia because Russian
develops a HAARP nuclear shield before America does.

Then the program had a science type show how electricity in the air can dissipate clouds, that I knew as Reich had a literal
weather altering ray gun that the military also stole. This using the same electromagnetic fields as Tessla before him and as Searle
used in his successful flying saucer vehicles.

So there again we had convergence. Weather control, and a nuclear shield weapon . Next they had on another author and scientist
who explained how HAARP can be used in mind control which sounds a little far fetched, but not so as I did do some rather
detailed explanations of the range of the human brain waves and how 33 hertz was the teaching frequency of the Holy Spirit and
how it converges with 111 hertz, the
GATEWAY Frequency.

33 Hertz    Absolute 33

And 33 hertz is in the BETA wave range of the human brain. 7 hertz to 40 hertz This meaning that 33 hertz frequency could be
used as a means of making people hear the false HAARP voice in their heads. Or octaves below would also be possible to
transmit to the weak minded people in changing their thinking or making them think what the NOW HAARP wants them to

And if they know not the Lord’s voice, then this other voice in their head could manipulate them into compliance or further
sleep, etc… This was demonstrated by a scientist putting piezoelectric transducers onto Jesse Ventura’s neck, so that he
could not hear sounds through his ears, and yet he heard the music when played via his spinal cord.

Climbing Jacobs Ladder

Piezoelectric being the physical- spiritual back and forth energy of the hexagon of crystals and the Star of David.

Sexy Star of David.

Piezoelectric transducers meaning the CD sound was changed into a vibration, a mechanical vibration from the electrical spiritual,
that was sent up the spinal cord and heard by the brain in his head at his plane of reflection or pineal plane. ZAP BOOM, more
confirmations And yet this time it’s confirmations that these damned cursed people can try to use their technology for more
evil and more control on those that know not the voice of the Lord. It can be used to effect the emotions of people, and as
mentioned even project words and music into their heads.

The Earth’s Resonance is approximately 7.8 hertz, again in the BETA range of our brain’s wave frequencies. Its called
the Schumann Frequency even though it should be called the Lord’s Earth Frequency as Schumann only discovered it but did
not create it.


For notice again, its low frequency which is below what we humans can hear as our hearing stops at levels below around 20-30
hertz. And note that 7.8 hertz times PHI to the third does equal 33 hertz.


“Extremely Low Frequencies, in range of Schumann Resonances, can be generated from High Frequency transmitters by using
Harmonics, SideBands, or Beats between narrowly separated High Frequencies�.

In other words, it seems like they pulsate high frequency charges up through the HAARP antennae, and the interval between
bursts creates a LOW FREQUENCY BEAT per second, that can dissipate clouds (weather control)  pentetrate the Earth, (cause
earthquakes), and go deep into our heads (mind control). It’s all on 33 acres in Alaska, right off a main highway. 33 acres,
why do they keep mentioning that fact !!! And why right off the highway, when a secret installation of a weapons system might
be more hidden and inaccessible, unless HAARP had to be uniquely situated right on the power grid of the Earth.

But whatever BRETHREN, it is among us and working in more ways than merely researching the ionosphere. And the only way
to fight it, is to be strong mentally and know the voice of the Lord.                     


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