Gateway - 111

As Jesus said, ''I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.' Jesus is the
Way, and together it means Jesus is the 'Gateway', the portal to Eternity and a New World.  And so let me give you a few more
confirmations that I just found, as I postulated about four years ago in 2004, that 111 hertz was the frequency GATEWAY, to
the stars.  SEE
27,28, 29 Steps

111     Transformation into Spirit   37 x 3 = 111 37 is Fine Structure Constant to Spirit
Theory of Everything Equations Confirmations _ Jerry                   
         444 - Gematria of Pentagrammaton - Star of David with Shin 72 + 72 + 300 = 444
Pentatgrammaton and 444   and Jesus, 888, and 111
                  Piezo electric Spark (SEE Sexy Star of David)
                888  Gematria of Jesus's name SEE
Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Jesus

This because I found this site.... at
which confirms through the Lord's Mathematics called Gematria that 111, is a basic numeralic factor for Jesus and His Life and

For instance the word Jesus in Greek has the value of 888.
Likewise the value of phrases and sentences can be calculated. So far so good, we’re still on the familiar terrain of Gematria.
However they also discovered that numbers mentioned in the text are keys, indicators to the words they refer to. Examples are:
Adam lived 930 years (930 is a key), Abraham had 318 servants, Jesus had healed a man of 38 years, etc, etc. Now all of these
numbers are key numbers in Theomatics, they bear a relation with the very words that they refer to! Now the impossible was

All words within the Bible, each having a unique value, when referenced in a sentence or phrase, the value of the phrase or
sentence is a multiple of the value of the word itself. They found NO exceptions to this rule!

Here is an example:    The value for Jesus is 888. However the '
Birth of Jesus has a value of 111 (‘Jesus’ is a multiple 8
of ‘the birth of Jesus’). Now within the Bible every reference without exception to the ‘Birth of Jesus’ will be a
multiple of 111: (Now remember that the phrases hereafter are originally in Greek!)

Jesus   111 x 8                                                                (Mathew 1:16)
Christ  111 x 12                                                              (Mathew 1:16)
And Jacob begat Joseph the Husband of Mary,
of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ
                                                  111 x 66                   (Mathew 1:16)
Her begotten                                    111 x 8                    (Mathew 1:20)
Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son
                                                  111 x 27                   (Mathew 1:23)
And she will bear a son                   111 x 11                   (Mathew 1:21)
She bore a son and called his name  111 x 24                   (Mathew 1:25)
The firstborn in the world               111 x 29                   (Hebrews 1:6)
She bore the son the firstborn         111 x 25                   (Luke 2:7)
She bore a son and called his name  111 x 24                   (Mathew 1:25)
The babe in the womb                     111 x 13                   (Luke 1:41)
She bore the son the firstborn         111 x 25                    (Luke 2:7)
This child                                        111 x 26                    (Luke 2:17)
He was conceived                            111 x 19                   (Luke 1:41)
That whenever she bears the child of her 111 x 20          (Revelation 12:4)

Now by no means can these occurrences in the Bible be labelled coincidental. Theomatics shows that the Bible must have been
written using a predetermined mathematical design. The discoverers stress that it only works for the Bible and for no other book
and only with the exact values assigned to the Greek letters. Tests were conducted to see if another random assignment of
numbers to the Greek alphabet could also give the same results, however all tests were negative.

Now the astonishing fact of the matter is that if Theomatics can be validated that not only is it proven that the Bible is indeed
constructed following a mathematical design but also that the Greek language that existed before the New Testament was written,
must have been designed using the very same principles!

In addition, since the New Testament consists of a multiple of books written by different authors who wrote their books over
time in different eras, all of the words and phrases chosen by these authors should have been orchestrated on purpose following a
unified and unique principle!

This is why the adherers of Theomatics believe that only a Divine force could have arranged for these circumstances to
happen!            (End of Excerpt)

For HERE again is more confirmations that 111 is the Gateway  ........ for  as the Number 11 is significant and relates directly to
Jesus (SEE
Jesus, Gematria and 11), so does 11 hertz magnify to 111 hertz,  (SEE Phi expansions of 11 - 111).

And so appropriately, the Lord's leader in the EndTime, as promised to King David of Old, also has a gematria value of 111. For
he like King David shall be 'ruddy' and 'manly' (SEE ) (SEE
Ruddy )
For we have to enter through the gate, and under the
Shepherds Rod, to enter into the Lord's pasture in the End Time.
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